New Parts for FT86/BRZ

23 Apr

Some new toys coming as these cars start hitting our shores

From KW, KW has the Varient III coilovers. These European bread, track test, street friendly coilovers allow for a 20-50mm drop up front and rear. Features independantly adjustable compression and rebound, allowing the user to really tailor the ride quality and behavior to suit virtually any street or track condition. Full stainless construction to survive the elements, and full TUV approval.

From HKS, a whole bevy of performance parts are trickling in. From their famed intake setups, to suspension and exhaust. In a unique move, HKS is also introducing Value Packs, which combines both suspension and exhaust components into 1 package, allowing new users to dive right in and start tweaking these cars right from the outset.

Contact us at for your KW and HKS needs


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