Real Race Cars don’t run Cross Drilled Rotors

1 May

How many times have you heard that load of BS online, or at a meet? Apparantly that internet wisdom hasn’t made it to the engineers at Porsche. Here are the brakes they use on their 911 GT3 Cup Car

This is the interior and exterior of it, for those that haven’t seen it, or doubt that it’s “really a race car”

Now, this is not to suggest that all cross drilled rotors are great for the track. Nor is it to suggest that anything else is inferior, or superior. The fact of the matter is 2 main things determine what the right setup is. The quality of the rotor, and the pad being mated to it. I don’t know what foundry Porsche sources their iron from for these disks, nor do I know what pads they use. Will try to do some research, unless on of our readers knows? But I’d bet dollars to donuts that the combo was researched heavily before being decided upon. This is not a car built around a strict budget, so their ability to choose is fairly free. The more aggressive your pad, the better the iron needs to be in your rotor (assuming you’re running iron disks). Choose wisely!

3 Responses to “Real Race Cars don’t run Cross Drilled Rotors”

  1. webstarr May 3, 2012 at 7:22 PM #

    Maybe the holes aren’t drilled, but are cast into the rotor.

    • Z1 Performance May 3, 2012 at 7:31 PM #

      good point, though several manufacturers have researched this, and found no difference whether the holes were cast or drilled in

      Brembo has this posted on their site for example, but I’ve read the same things from several other manufacturers over the years as well

  2. Michael Lee May 9, 2012 at 10:22 PM #

    All cross drilled rotors eventually crack on the track with extreme heat eventually. I was with the Porsche club this weekend and was chatting with one of the race teams. Rotors they were using were Girodisk slotted rotors. Another team was using ATE’s 1 piece, because he told me they last much longer than factory cross drilled once, are dirt cheap, and didn’t really care for the weight loss that the Girodisks would offer. Least to say, I was shocked. He also told me his last set of ATE rotors lasted a whole season of racing and still had plenty of meat on them, nor were they cracked. Once again, SHOCKED!!

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