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6 May

The day started off grey, but by the time I got to Old Westbury Gardens, the sun was out and a warm breeze spun through the trees.

Old Westbury Gardens is the former estate home once owned by John Schaffer Phips. It was built in 1906 on 160 acres and is a magnificent example of period architecture and landscape design. It was eventually deemed a historic landmark and is now a county owned property. The house is open for tours and the grounds are meticulously maintained, with paths winding throughout. It’s a great place to spend a nice afternoon and just walk around and take in the scenery.

Today it was home to the 3rd Annual Exotics Expose event.

I remember growing up as a kid on the north shore of Long Island, it was quite a treat to see an exotic car. Perhaps it’s because I’m older now, but it seems cars of this class have lost some of their luster and mystique. So many more people now own such cars. I was hoping to see more older models, but it was not to be. As I’ve gotten older, and have now owned an “old” car for 20 years, I am better able to appreciate what goes into owning, maintaining and keeping them in great shape. It’s a lot of work, and I admire others dedication to do so. Newer exotics are, in many ways, easier, because new cars are simply made so much better than their counterparts of 20 or 30 + years ago. Instead a group of I’d say around 200 R8’s, F430’s, 458 Italia’s, GT40’s were there as a charity event. Nevertheless, there were some stars present that really stood out. I took pics of what I found cool.

My favorite color for the 430 Scuderia


Rare beast – they sound so amazing live. Exhaust note envy ensues


Another limited run Modern Ferrari


How many if these were made?

The father of the F40. Speaking of which there was an immaculate one there but I didn’t get a pic of it.


This car was beautiful. I love the Dino’s lines.


Front shot of the GTO.


GT3 trying to capture some of the 4.0’s flavor. Not quite the same but a GT3 is a terrific car in its own right.


Gathering of GT40’s. I love the I industrial look of the guts, once the clamshell is lifted. Looks like the result of a really fancy Erector Set.


Pair of ’04 NSX’s. Very rare, and still a head turner to me.


Favorite Porsche Color – Arena Red


Chad? R8’s look very unique on the road but sort of fade into the scenery when around their Italian counterparts.


The first one I’ve ever seen in person. Super expensive but so beautifully proportioned


Another rare car you certainly don’t see everyday. This is more my idea of a modern exotic.



One of my favorites when I was a kid. Not really an exotic in my eyes now, but they still look the business.


More my taste for a modern exotic


Not exotic but still a very cool car. LM’s look so amazing on them


This is where modern cars shine – amazing interior


I don’t know much about the Cobra but fairly sure this is a real ’65. 427 engine is a work of art.



The best example of a modern exotic there was this Aventador





It’s only original once