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24 Jun

got a thing for those big body Benzes….


Road and Track’s 10 Most Infamous Crashes in LeMans History

24 Jun

Cool post

The Mercedes CLR GT1’s are simply amazing to watch (unfortunately). For Webber to have lived through 2 separate flips at precisely this same spot, and then, for Mercedes to STILL let their other 2 cars actually start the race, is insane. How the car managed to launch that high in the air, flip over and over, and still land on it’s tires, is even more amazing. But, with so much money put into the development and attendance of such a race, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise. And of course, the race-flip was the worst of the bunch, with the car literally launching into the trees. I remember watching it when it happened. Jaw dropping


24 Jun

Just chatting with a guy in Australia and sent over this video of his Silvia