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Taking it Back

29 Jun

Not too far back, just to 2004. The economy was on the rebound, new tuner friendly cars were on the streets in the form of the GD chassis STi, the Evo, the 350Z and G35. Nissan (Japan, of course, why should we get the cooler stuff?), had begun a full on tuning program centered around the newest Z car. This included participation in global motorsports, as well as development of street tuner models for their home market. One such car was the Type E. Only 5 models were produced, part of the homologation requirements needed for Super GT racing. The car featured various NISMO developed upgrades, most notably, the front and rear bumpers, which were extended long nose/tail versions. This general design concept eventually found its way on the NISMO/380RS versions that came in later years in a restyled form. In 2005, NISMO made a few more ( in the form of the S Tune GT, and to help celebrate the previous years performance in Super GT racing. This car was limited to just 20 units per month during that year, and was the who’s who of the NISMO parts catalog. A special S Tune version engine, with the full NISMO parts bin (cams, headers, ecu), full NISMO suspension, NISMO seats and steering wheel, and a host of other goodies added up to a nearly $60,000 US price tag.