Supercup Seats

12 Jul

New from Momo is their latest generation Supercup seat. You guys know the deal – you want a racing seat, it’s got to be quality since it’s such an integral safety item. The ones you find are either: 1. too small that a normal size person can’t fit; 2. too expensive that a normal person can’t afford them; 3. from some knock off, made in god-knows-where country where they don’t give a rat’s rear end about your safety.

Well Momo addressed those concerns and more, and designed what might be the ultimate performance seat.

1. It’s from Momo, a name synonomous with motorsport for decades. They are an Italian firm, and have always pushed the design and manufacturing envelope. Their products are found on everything from Formula cars, to GT race and sports cars, to creations entered at Pikes Peak and Paris-Dakar rally. They are well designed, well built, and last.

2. They are thoughtfully sized. These come in both standard and XL sizes. The standard size will fit someone up to around a 34 inch waiste. The XL version is good for someone up to about a 38-40 inch waiste. They are made using Airtex fabric, which helps keep you cool and lets the seat breathe. Both the standard and XL dimensions are shown in the above pictures.
3. They are FIA Approved (November 2011 specs too!)

4. They are affordable! We’re running specials right now at under $600 per seat and free shipping!

Need a package deal with side mounts, etc? No sweat, we can easily put that together. Want harnesses too? Just ask!


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