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Arena Red

18 Jul

I’m convinced this color makes anything look better. Would love to see an Evo or STi this shade



17 Jul

Still a beautiful shape 30 years on


Choosing the Right Endless Brake Pad for High Performance and Track Use

16 Jul

Endless Brake Compound Characteristics

Click the above link for the Spreadsheet

Selecting the right compound can often be a tricky proposition. Endless is one of the preminent brake component manufacturers in the world. Their pads, fluids, and other parts are used in worldwide motorsport. They happen to have one of the most extensive array of pad offerings in the world. The attached chart will help you choose the correct compound based on the pad characteristics. Please be aware the chart only includes pads that are for ultra high performance street to full out track use. If you’re looking for Endless pads for a tamer street car, or a car that will never ever see the track, contact us and we can help you decide the best compound to use

To order any Endless products, contact

Competition Ventilation Panels Evo VII-IX

16 Jul

New from Cusco Japan, designed as a direct fit for the Evo VII-IX as well as Evo X. Priced at $292/pair. Contact to order.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

15 Jul

Seinfeld’s latest venture. Can’t wait!!


15 Jul


Courtesy of GP3 driver Antonio Felix DeCosta. Remember the name you’ll likely see him in an F1 car one day soon

Freaky Friday Weekend Sale

13 Jul

We’ve gotten a great response to the Momo Supercup and Supercup XL seats we blogged last night. So, we’ve decided to put a little combo deal together.

Pair of Supercup or Supercup XL’s, low position bases/sliders all for $1499 SHIPPED in the 48 states!!! Plus, we’ll also give you a free RAZO shift knob!!!! This combo is available for the 2002-2012 Impreza/WRX/STi, 2003-2008 350Z, 2003-2007 G35, 2009+ GTR, Evo 7, 8, 9 and X, 2006-2009 Civic and Civic Si, and the RSX.

To order, just drop us a line to Pricing is valid Friday, July 13-Sunday July 15 ONLY!!!

Fender Support Braces for G35 Coupe!

13 Jul

Brand new are these awesome fender support braces for the 2003+ G35 coupe. These have been wildly popular in the 350Z community for several years, and now they are finally available for the G.

They are a direct bolt in, and offer additional reinforcement between the radiator core support and the firewall. The net result is improved turn in response and less chassis flex. Sold in pairs, includes all required mounting hardware

Click the picture for more information, and contact to order yours

Chargespeed Bottom Line Aero Parts for BR-Z and FR-S

13 Jul

Chargespeed is one of Japan’s leading aerodynamic parts designers, and has released their new Bottom Line kit for the Scion/Toyota FR-S and Subaru BR-Z. These kits are carbon, and are sold as a package or individual components. Pieces include front lip, side skirt extensions, rear bumper caps and roof vortex generator.

We are an authorized Chargespeed dealer and are working deals for August delivery on this amazing kit. Contact for details and pricing!

Extra 10% Off All Genuine BuddyClub Japan Products for the Rest of July!!!

13 Jul

Now through July 31, 2012, we are offering an additional 10% off all BuddyClub Japan products! Whether you need coilovers, seats, wheels or any BuddyClub Japan item, drop us a line at for the best deal!

Low Seat Rails for FR-S and BR-Z

13 Jul

If you’re looking to improve your seating position in your new FR-S or BR-Z wuth aftermarket seats, these are for you! These Nagisa Japan low seat rails bolt to your stock seats, feature full back and forward sliding capability, and features a double lock mechanism and zero play. Since the slider is integrated, and not the usual “sandwhich stack” setup that many companies employ (if you’ve ever installed a Sparco or Corbeau seat rail, you know what I mean!), these Nagisa units keep the seating position low. The D-Lock double locking mechanism features seat rail locking for both sides when using the adjustment slider. This is ideal for a firm zero-play hold onto the seat for competitive driving environments.Slider uses ball bearings for smooth slide adjustment. Universal fitment will fit standard size bucket seats. This seat rail has a low profile and fits a variety of seats. (Recaro SPG/ SPG3, Sparco Corsa-Rev2, Bride) This will not fit wide seats. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PROPERLY SPECIFY THE SIDE YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE!

Priced at $265 per side, or $510.00 for the left and right pair + shipping

Contact to order yours! Need a combo with a seat? We offer a wide range of seats from BuddyClub, Racetech, Recaro, OMP, Recaro, Sparco, Corbeau, Bride, and Chargespeed!

Razo Shift Knobs, Pedals Now Offered

13 Jul

We are now offering the Razo line of shift knobs, pedals and accessories from Japan. Browse the Interior Section for your favorite car for full specs. A great, affordable way to dress up your interior!


12 Jul

It’s in Greek, but it’s well worth watching. One of the most special cars ever produced. In a world where new cars have a short shelf life, this model remains timeless and incredibly valuable. It’s feel and overall character are what most sports cars aspire to be when they grow up.

Supercup Seats

12 Jul

New from Momo is their latest generation Supercup seat. You guys know the deal – you want a racing seat, it’s got to be quality since it’s such an integral safety item. The ones you find are either: 1. too small that a normal size person can’t fit; 2. too expensive that a normal person can’t afford them; 3. from some knock off, made in god-knows-where country where they don’t give a rat’s rear end about your safety.

Well Momo addressed those concerns and more, and designed what might be the ultimate performance seat.

1. It’s from Momo, a name synonomous with motorsport for decades. They are an Italian firm, and have always pushed the design and manufacturing envelope. Their products are found on everything from Formula cars, to GT race and sports cars, to creations entered at Pikes Peak and Paris-Dakar rally. They are well designed, well built, and last.

2. They are thoughtfully sized. These come in both standard and XL sizes. The standard size will fit someone up to around a 34 inch waiste. The XL version is good for someone up to about a 38-40 inch waiste. They are made using Airtex fabric, which helps keep you cool and lets the seat breathe. Both the standard and XL dimensions are shown in the above pictures.
3. They are FIA Approved (November 2011 specs too!)

4. They are affordable! We’re running specials right now at under $600 per seat and free shipping!

Need a package deal with side mounts, etc? No sweat, we can easily put that together. Want harnesses too? Just ask!

The Ultimate Hose Clamp

12 Jul

Click picture for more info!

Tired of your intercooler hoses blowing off on the street or track? Hate the look of unsightly T-Bolt or Worm Drive clamps? Doing a custom pipe setup and don’t want to deal with rubber or silicone interconnects? Have we got a solution for you!

Vibrant has introduced their new VanJen clamp system. Constructed entirely from T6061 aluminum, and featuring a unique Quick Release clamping mechanism, the Vibrant VanJen Clamp provides a leak-free, modular connection that is ideal for pressurized air applications. Capable of withstanding up to 110 psi. operating pressure and temperatures up to 400 deg. F, the VanJen Clamp System is ideal for turbo intake plumbing.

The VanJen Clamp System consists of 2 weld fittings (with O-Rings), one union sleeve, a safety pin and a spring loaded clamp assembly designed specifically for automotive use. Once the fittings are welded to the tubing, the union sleeve houses the fittings and is held in place by the clamp assembly. Once assembled, the VanJen Clamp System provides a flexible connection that can withstand vibration, movements along its axis, lateral misalignment and angular deflection (up to 12 deg.).

These are offered in sizes ranging from 2.5 inch outer diameter to 4 inch outer diameter, in 1/2 inch increments. These are the ultimate solution for intercooler pipes, supercharger pipes, and intakes, where you want a simple, clean, totally sealed union between 2 pipes without having to worry about silicone interconnets or unsightly worm drive clamps.

Fittings, Union Sleeves and Clamps can also be purchased as separate components – contact us for details.

This video is in German, but stick with it, and you’ll see exactly how these work.

Contact We also can provide mandrel bent tubing as well!