A Sea of E30’s

9 Sep

The E30 M3 is an iconic, cult status type car that many of us have listed at and admired from afar. They weren’t made in quite the robust numbers of later M3’s though, so finding one is always part of the challenge. I remember in high school in the early 90’s, 2 friends of mine had them – one in a funky orangey-red color, the other black. But seeing one now isn’t all that common. Whereas the later E46 and E92 are all over the place here in NY.

There was no shortage of E30 M3’s here. I don’t follow much of the BMW side of things but it appears the inline 6 S series engine swap is more and more common. Would love to drive one; on paper it seems like a winning combo. Anyone reading have direct experience they can share?

The white one with the gold BBS was probably my favorite looking overall. But they really all look great, with their boxy fenders and various classic BBS wheels. They look like a race car. And even by modern standards it’s not lost any of it’s curb appeal. Sure, I love the Japanese stuff and the rare, esoteric JDM parts, but I equally love learning about new stuff. There is as much cool, rare and interesting BMW stuff as there is JDM stuff. And of course, their owners are no less passionate than the hardest core BMW guys






Gotta keep things water tight – necessity is the mother of invention!




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