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The Mistress Now Has a Sister

20 Sep

Got a call from a longtime client and friend from the Caribbean today. We’ve worked with him over the years on his RX7, Evo, even did some Volk wheels on his Ariel Atom a few years ago. Well, he’s got a new toy being delivered. He’s had his FD RX7 for the last 18 years, and it sees nothing but race duty nowadays. But there is nothing like a street driven RX7. En route to paradise is now a ’95 R2 with only 9,000 orginal miles. Pretty sweet. Stay tuned as the mods go forward with this new project.

HeadMaster Gasket Kit for Lancer Evolution

20 Sep

Time to do a new headgasket in your Evo? Afraid to see what the dealer charges? Don’t be! And don’t overpay. We have em put together for both the Evo 7/8 and 9’s. These gasket kits are totally complete, and include everything you need to do the job correctly, the first time! Headgasket, cam seals, valvecover gasket, sprak plug seals, grommets, cam seals, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, downpipe gasket, 02 housing gasket. The whole shebang!

Need a combo with headbolts (stock or ARP), or our awesome Timing Belt Kit, let us know!

Priced from just $239 SHIPPED to all 50 states! Click the picture for details or contact us at

HeadMaster Gasket Kit for 4AG (GTS) and 4AC (SR5) Now Available

20 Sep

HeadMaster Gasket Kit Toyota 4AG

We’ve just finished putting together a deal on these awesome HeadMaster Kits for the older Toyota’s. These kits come with everything you need to do a full headgasket job. The kits include new headgasket, valvecover gaskets, throttle body gasket, cam seals, valvestem seals, and more.

For the 4AG (US Spec) priced at $169 shipped in all 50 states. For the 4AC (SR5), priced at $79 shipped in all 50 states.