Ohlins Shocks for Classic 911

1 Oct

Ohlins latest suspension offering for historic 911 vehicles. Finally, an Ohlins suspension is available for older 911 chassis! The front damper is available in both non-adjustable, single and double adjustable versions. Both non-adjustable and adjustable version are based on a 40 mm OD cylinder tube which fit into the original Porsche McPherson strut casing. The (NA) piston shaft is 12 mm and has a balanced setting developed for both Tarmac and Gravel. The front adjustable version has a 16 mm piston shaft hollowed with a valve and jet that is externally adjustable. This one adjuster adjusts both compression and rebound with the use of a bleed system and also has a temperature compensating system. The rear shock is a 46 mm monotube unit, with a single external adjuster which adjusts both compression and rebound and utilizes a 16 mm piston shaft. This design also has the temperature compensating system and is of course completely servicable/rebuildable. This combination of Öhlins dampers has already shown top performance in various Historic Rallies in Europe. Also available in 2-way or 3-way configurations.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for your set.

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