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While We’re At It….

2 Oct

Since we changed the banner image today, might as well live vicariously through a guy who gets to play with cool cars all day…and get paid for it. Just so happens Chris Harris just posted a new video in a Porsche 962 a few days ago. These cars redefined fast. But it’s the sound that is so intoxicating.


It’s Not Easy Being Green

2 Oct

When you’re a rare as this piece of automotive artwork, green seems an appropriate color for the accents. Some cars try too hard with color contrasts. The 2.7 RSR does it with class, with pinache. Envy might be a sin, but who doesn’t look at this automotive art and not secretely covet her? Wonder who did the artwork for the Carrera lettering? Any design/Porsche-phile’s know?

You Win….Perfect

2 Oct

993 RSR
Flawless Execution

Ah……What Dreams are Made of

2 Oct

911 Turbo….and not just a standard, a Turbo S. Arena Red – the sultriest color Porshe ever made

Have you Heard This? True Story

2 Oct

Jay Leno Datsun Fairlady

Not big on blogging stuff other blogs do, but this is a great video, and Leno’s site always has cool stuff on it


Formula 1 Gangnam Style?

2 Oct

Can’t say I understand any of this aside from the ridiculous nature of it all. It might be amusing to see some teams letting go and boogieing down; doubt King Ecclestone would allow it though.