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Timo Glock’s Room at Suzuka

3 Oct

Every 6 year old F1 fans dream come true!




3 Oct

And this is the car the Legacy Turbo was traded for – a 1997 GT with (as I recall?) a 2000 engine installed (stock engine had blown I believe, happened before I bought it). Shown next to Jon’s old RX7.


3 Oct

Just going through some old pics, and came across these! My old 1991 Legacy Turbo (manual). I bought it as a stock car when our old Galant VR4 was having engine issues. Mods started from there! Was a great car, I still miss it. And it certainly was rare. These pics were snapped by the guy I traded for it. Yep, believe it or not, we traded cars and titles straight up on the side of the highway in NJ!! My 1991 Legacy Turbo for his 1997 Legacy GT. I made some changes to the GT over the year or so I had it and then eventually it was sold on.

Dear God……

3 Oct

some of the best car content on the net is found on Chris Harris’ YouTube Channel.

Rally freaks, fast car fans…..enjoy

Use What Ya Got

3 Oct

So you live in Pakistan, you need to do an engine swap to your MR2. You don’t have a local Harbor Freight nearby to pick up a $99 engine hoist. But you do have a friend…and he does have a……

A little ingenuity, a bit of care, and determination, and it’s amazing what can be accomplished!