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In Tow

29 Oct

Got a track day car, looking for an affordable way to install a required tow hook? Check out this awesome universal Racetech Tow Loop. Made from plyable 5000kg webbing. Approx 350mm long and 50mm wide. Available in red with embroidered Racetech logo.

Priced at $42.50 shipped in the 48 states. Contact us at to order.


Solve the Aligment on your BRZ/FRS

29 Oct

When lowering the BRZ/FRS you will quickly find both camber and toe woefully out of spec. While a modest bump in negative camber does pay big dividends on these cars, toe absolutely kills the handling, and will render even brand new tires useless in as little as a few thousand miles. Furthermore, when you lower these cars, often times the spec on the right and left end up slightly different due to cross weight differences in the car.

The solution is simple – you need a way to adjust front and rear camber and toe. If you’re on coilovers, many come with adjustable front camber plates. However, if you’re only using lowering springs, you’ve got a few options.

1. SPC Front Camber Bolt – this will give you a modest adjustment range (about +/- 1.5 degrees). Toe is adjustable via the tie rod end up front so no other parts needed
2. Whiteline/Vorschlag front camber plate – gives you adjustment of camber, and some will allow caster as well (a rather advanced adjustment best left to track cars or cars that are so so drastically, that the front is now out of factory specs)

1. Cusco or GT Spec rear camber and toe arms. While an expensive solution, these provide the widest range of adjustment.
2. SPC Rear Alignment Kit A – includes a lower cost replacement camber arm, and a new toe bolt with a wider offset range vs. stock. Best suited for those who are lowering up to about -1.5 inches vs. stock. This method requires you to slot the existing rear mounting hole for the toe bolt, so it can properly adjust. Easily doable with a dremel (a template is included) and a very common practice on many other factory and aftermarket setups.
3. SPC Rear Alignment Kit B – includes the same replacement camber arm but also includes a new rear toe arm as well. This will provide an equal range of adjustment for camber and toe. Good for guys who are lowering beyond -1.5 inches, or, those who would rather not enlarge the existing hole, or, those who track the car with R Compounds (or better), who are concerned about the toe bolt “walking”.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.comto custom tailor a package for you with any of the above, meeting your performance and budget needs.