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Idle Woes

12 Oct

Reports have circulated that the BRZ/FRS has had some reported idle issues due to, what Subaru and Toyota says, are cam timing issues within the programming of the ecu. Seems Toyota and Subaru are dealing with it differently, with Subaru offering a reflash and Toyota/Scion only suggesting it can be brought to the dealer for a reflash if at 100 miles or less, but if over that, a new ecu will be installed. Can’t say the mileage thing makes sense on the surface, but I’m sure they’ve got their reasons.

Found a video of it online.

Hopefully just the typical new car teething pains that lots of manufacturers have with brand new models. It does stink for the owners, but looks like each company has relatively quick and easy solution already.

The New Bride

11 Oct

Just released are the new Bride Stradia and VIOS III REIMS Edition. These are the same VIOS III (13.89 lbs) and Stradia Sport seats you’re used to (34.4 lbs, making it very light for a reclining bucket), but now in a but different of a cover. They feature all black suede with your choice of red, blue or grey shoulder accents. The Bride logo and stitching are also done in the complimentary colors as well.

Contact us at to get yours on the way


7 Oct

A clean FC in an unlikely color….pulling it off wonderfully


7 Oct

Even one of the world’s top of the foodchain Evo’s has to come to a stop at some point.

The Cyber Evo, shown with it’s AME TM02’s 18×11 +10 offset. Contact us to get yourself a set at

The Perfect Seat

7 Oct

Racetech RT9119WTHR

As an official Racetech Dealer, thought you guys would appreciate a quick story about the importance of a perfectly fitting seat

From: Gennaro Bonafede: loving the new RT4119THR

“I am not sure where to start when describing the Racetech seat. I am a slim 6′ 5” racing driver and, as you can imagine, it is very hard to feel comfortable in any seat. While visiting Rally Monte Carlo, David Black took one look at me and said: “We have the perfect seat for you!”

We immediately placed the order for a RT4119THR via the Racetech South African agent to be fitted into our new Ferodo Racing Audi S4 Touring Car under construction at the time. The seat fits me perfectly. In the past I have finished 12 lap races with lower back pains but with this seat I could do another three heats on the day and sleep in it, that’s how comfortable it is. There is no flex in the seat and its rigidity has helped us tremendously in the feel of how the Audi S4 behaves. I can’t start to explain how happy I am with this seat. The protection and safety for me being such a tall driver is tremendous, giving me all the confidence to attack every lap of every race. Thank you, David, for the fantastic seat.”

Racetech offers the perfect seat for your needs too! When you’re done playing around with your safety and comfort at the track, Racetech is sure to have a seat for you. Contact us for all your Racetech needs at

JDM Micro Car

7 Oct

Subaru 360…OG JDM 🙂

Snow Shoes

7 Oct

Spotted this on ebay – great daily driver if you happen to live in the Himalaya’s. Can transport 5 monks without a problem!

Who are These People?

6 Oct

In order for something to be made, a case has to be that enough will buy it to be viable. So who thought this up? And at $80,000 who buys it? Must be the 1% of the 1%.


Begs the question, is there a Seibon or similar replica made? They replicate damn near everything else

Bilstein Sport Suspension Kit BMW 3 Series

5 Oct

If you’re after a cost effective way to lower your E30 look no further! Kit contains 4 Bilstein Sport Shocks and matched lowering springs. Drops the car about an inch up front and .75 inches out back

Contact to order your kit!


4 Oct

Neat cluster design from L’aunsport for the 08+ STi

Timo Glock’s Room at Suzuka

3 Oct

Every 6 year old F1 fans dream come true!



3 Oct

And this is the car the Legacy Turbo was traded for – a 1997 GT with (as I recall?) a 2000 engine installed (stock engine had blown I believe, happened before I bought it). Shown next to Jon’s old RX7.


3 Oct

Just going through some old pics, and came across these! My old 1991 Legacy Turbo (manual). I bought it as a stock car when our old Galant VR4 was having engine issues. Mods started from there! Was a great car, I still miss it. And it certainly was rare. These pics were snapped by the guy I traded for it. Yep, believe it or not, we traded cars and titles straight up on the side of the highway in NJ!! My 1991 Legacy Turbo for his 1997 Legacy GT. I made some changes to the GT over the year or so I had it and then eventually it was sold on.

Dear God……

3 Oct

some of the best car content on the net is found on Chris Harris’ YouTube Channel.

Rally freaks, fast car fans…..enjoy

Use What Ya Got

3 Oct

So you live in Pakistan, you need to do an engine swap to your MR2. You don’t have a local Harbor Freight nearby to pick up a $99 engine hoist. But you do have a friend…and he does have a……

A little ingenuity, a bit of care, and determination, and it’s amazing what can be accomplished!