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No Gas

2 Nov

Not enough that the region got socked with a real life Perfect Storm this week. Not enough that hundreds of thousands are without power, people died, many lost their homes or were displaced via an storm with an inappropriately happy upbeat name (Sandy). Now there’s a shortage of gasoline too! Either the stations have no electricity, or, they ran out and haven’t received new shipments. Lots more people have generators than ever before due to storms we have had in the region over the last 15 years or so. Those generators run on gas, placing a much higher demand on supplies during power outages. The other underlying issue is the lack of deliveries. The pumping facilities are all located near the ports in NY and those were very hard hit areas. Tried today to get gas and the line at the 2 places I found within 30 minutes of home had lines 200+ cars deep in. Hopefully tomorrow brings better luck.