No Relief

3 Nov

Headed out today to try to get gas again. Each station was still closed in my immediate area. Finally off the 495, found a place that had a line that didn’t seem too insane – maybe 50-60 cars. Waited for about 2.5 hours or so, until the policeman monitering the intersection walked up to each car and told us the station had no fuel, this was a line to wait on line for when they get a delivery. And of course, he had no info, per th station owner, when the delivery might be. Running dangerously low on fuel, I decided to just head home, barely made it. Only choice now is to just sit tight and call the station down the block from my development and see when they get their delivery. That’s the only place I’d even be able to make it to at this point with less than a gallon left in the tank. As of now, he wasn’t sure when a delivery would be.

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