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Mishimoto Oil Cooler 350z/G35

13 Nov

New from Mishimoto is their bolt on oil cooler kit for the 350Z and G35.

Comes as a complete kit, ready to install on either manual or auto cars.

Reduce oil temps by up to 25 degrees. Available with an optional thermostat for those who live in seasonal climates.

Contact is for introductory pricing!


Spoiler Alert

13 Nov

APR offers a wide range of aerodyncamically proven, intelligently designed GT style wings for a wide variety of cars. Whether for track or street, their spoilers are CAD designed, produced here in the USA, and come with everything needed for installation. They also come in a variety of heights and widths, to suit any car out there

Some recent examples:

The GT500 series

APR GT500 Spoiler

The GT300 is a bit narrower and a bit lower, as shown on an FD RX7

The GT200 is lower still and a popular choice for street and drag race guys

APR GT200 Rear Spoiler

They even offer an optional Gurney Flap, which certainly looks cool, but adds significant downforce with minimal drag. Made of carbon and conforms perfectly to the GT200/300/500 spoilers

APR Carbon Gurney Flap

Click any of the pictures for more information, pricing, etc. Don’t forget to ask about our special discount programs available for those of you competing in NASA, SCCA, etc.

Rationing for Fuel

8 Nov

10 days AFTER the hurricane, now they are starting odd/even gas rationing. Talk about ass backwards…..

Lets not even get started on the fact that many communities, and not just low
Income, but high income too, are still without power without any eta.

It’s a ridiculous situation with no real end in site



Truth in Advertising

7 Nov


New Prodrive Goodies

7 Nov

Prodrive Japan has some new stuff we thought you might like. From Seats, to Steering Wheels, the re-introduction of their Rapfix Quick Release and Lock, and Spline Drive lug set. All are special order only from Japan. The stuff is not cheap by any means, but Prodrive quality is second to none.

Contact us at for details

Mom Jeans Strictly Prohibited

7 Nov

When the Forester came out, it was a New England mom’s dream. Now they could join the Subaru party and ditch the Chrysler minivan they had to endure in the past. But let’s face it, the Forester wasn’t much of a looker.

Then Subaru dropped in the Turbo 2.5 engine, and suddenly, some ears perked up. Now the car had a bit more of an edge. Some Hyde to go with the Jekyll. But the vehicle was largely lost in the wake of the WRX and STi. Of course we never got the cooler STi Foresters sold in Japan.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So for those who wanted to Zig rather than Zag, people have began taking these Foresters and doing some cool things with them. Subaru’s are the VW’s of Japan – virtually everything swaps into everything else more or less.

While certainly not common to mod, this represents an awesome canvas for someone who wants a great platform to build on, has a budget in mind, and doesn’t want to go tearing into a brand new car. But, wants to maintain reliability, interior space, and the safety and performance benefits of AWD.

Mo’ Orange

6 Nov

Back in 2009 posted a couple pics of a certain orange NSX

Same car shown here, at a track day – absolutely, one of the best examples of an NSX out there, and a car who’s design clearly has aged well!

Useful Gas Tool

6 Nov

A useful site we found to stay on track of local fuel availability and pricing

Vettel = Machine

4 Nov

Some say he is only capable when leading, and not chasing. He’s certainly put that criticism to rest at least for today’s race. Absolutely amazing performance so far

The overall talent in F1 now is as high as I remember it – so many great drivers in the mix

No Relief

3 Nov

Headed out today to try to get gas again. Each station was still closed in my immediate area. Finally off the 495, found a place that had a line that didn’t seem too insane – maybe 50-60 cars. Waited for about 2.5 hours or so, until the policeman monitering the intersection walked up to each car and told us the station had no fuel, this was a line to wait on line for when they get a delivery. And of course, he had no info, per th station owner, when the delivery might be. Running dangerously low on fuel, I decided to just head home, barely made it. Only choice now is to just sit tight and call the station down the block from my development and see when they get their delivery. That’s the only place I’d even be able to make it to at this point with less than a gallon left in the tank. As of now, he wasn’t sure when a delivery would be.

No Gas

2 Nov

Not enough that the region got socked with a real life Perfect Storm this week. Not enough that hundreds of thousands are without power, people died, many lost their homes or were displaced via an storm with an inappropriately happy upbeat name (Sandy). Now there’s a shortage of gasoline too! Either the stations have no electricity, or, they ran out and haven’t received new shipments. Lots more people have generators than ever before due to storms we have had in the region over the last 15 years or so. Those generators run on gas, placing a much higher demand on supplies during power outages. The other underlying issue is the lack of deliveries. The pumping facilities are all located near the ports in NY and those were very hard hit areas. Tried today to get gas and the line at the 2 places I found within 30 minutes of home had lines 200+ cars deep in. Hopefully tomorrow brings better luck.