That Other Evolution

1 Dec


As enthusiasts, we of course all know the Lancer Evolution (Lan-Evo in Initial D-speak). That iconic ecobox transformed into a mental AWD, turbocharged beast courtesy of built primarly to go toe to toe with Subaru, and compete on the world stage in the WRC. But did you know that there was another Mitsubishi Evo as well? Like the Evo it was a bit left of center. Like the Evo it was equal parts technology, power and stand-out styling.

The Pajero began life as Mitsubishi’s answer to the venerable Toyota Landcruiser. It eventually became a staple of African military-government transportation, as well as the United Nations. In the mid 90’s, Mitsubishi gave the ute the Evolution treatment, and in the process, created a bit of a monster.

Introduced in 1997, it was the street going version of the truck built to compete in the Paris-Dakar Rally. It featured a MIVEC version of the their 24 valve V6. But it was the styling that really sets it apart. It’s as wide as all outside,and is basically a real life Penny Racer.

It’s garish, it’s over the top but even 15 years on, it still is quite eye catching. But sadly, not a vehicle that could ever be bought in North America.

And yes, this post was inspirsed by Chris Harris’ recent post about possibly picking one up for a winter truck.

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