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Another Wagon We Don’t Get

4 Dec


The station wagon was once a staple of Americana. From the humble beginnings of the ’23 Star, the wagon has evolved as a combination of utility and, sometimes fun. While we can’t forget the wood panel wagons of the 1970’s, things have certainly changed on the wagon front. The world is filled with cool wagons we don’t get in the US – like the RS4, RS6, E63 or M5. For the Japanese enthusiast, back in 2006, Mitsubishi introduced the first Lancer Evolution Wagon. Dubbed internally as the CT9W(wagon), as opposed to the sedan version, the CT9A, it was all Evo through and through – except more cargo room. It’s a bit of a stylish mash up, all Evo up front, and a bit Saab/Volvo out back. Imagine a 500whp grocery getter like this? Sadly, another bad ass car that never made it stateside.