New, Affordable Products from Takata!

7 Dec


Takata has recently announced some new and affordable products for performance car fans everywhere.

First up, their venerable harness line has been expanded to include several exciting options. For the longest time, Takata only offered a full competition level harness and it was only offered in their signature green. Takata has heard our please over the last 10 years and finally has offered their harness in black, and has expanded the product range to even more affordable products! Their new entry level DRIFT II harness which starts at just $199! The rest of the lineup has been expanded as well to include new black versions of their popular 4, 5 and 6 point FIA approved harnesses as well.

In addition, Takata has announced a new, very limited edition Race Seat! The limited edition TAKATA Race LE Seat is an incredibly safe, deep sided and extremely rigid seat that still allows freedom of movement for all disciplines. The black Spacer Fabric, stitched in subtle TAKATA Green, keeps you cool. High backed, fully HANS� compatible with increased kidney protection, but relieved below the shoulders for lateral arm movement, this seat allows you to really get over the wheel and take control without any compromise on what is known as one of the most comfortable seats in the industry.

Comes in two sizes, Standard and Wide to ensure a perfect fit for every driver – and MSRP is just $899 per side (excluding mounting bases).


Contact for all your Takata needs!

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