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Importing Your Dream Car – Show or Display

25 Dec

If you’re serious about importing your coveted dream car from a foreign land, and are interested in doing it the right way, with the right paperwork, and without playing VIN switching, name changing, parts bin games, this is a great resource

Twincharged Z

25 Dec

While not a huge fan of the Stillen S/C, it’s a unique build for sure. Will be interesting to see what it is able to put down once the bottom end is fortified, fuel upgrades installed, and it’s tuned.


25 Dec

A thank you goes out to all our readers, as we have passed the 2M mark for views, since the blog began in 2008.  

Championship Winning 380RS-C

25 Dec


The 380RS-C was a NISMO factory, built to order race car. While unseen on these shores, several teams took the ~$400,000 plunge when it was released, in order to effectively compete in the Super Taikyu Series. While the car itself is 5+ years old at this point, it is still extremely competitive. So much so that Endless took the championship in the ST-1 Class for 2012 (beating 2 BMW Z4-M’s and a Porsche 997). Not too shabby for an old timer!


Family Portrait: Happy Anniversary Endless

25 Dec


2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Endless and their absolutely fantastic products. Here’s to 25 more, and 25 more, and 25 more…..

Smurf-Tastic RX7

25 Dec

RE Amemiya has steadily been upgrading one of their FD3S RX7’s during 2012.

New Aero and a recent heart transplant using an HKS T04 turbo, among other touches. Still sticking to the tried and true, albeit dated Apex’i Power FC. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix I guess!

Tech Tip: Plastic Cleaning

25 Dec

One area of the car that is sometimes tough to clean are the various plastic pieces in the engine bay – particularly the washer tank bottle and overflow bottle. They come in that nice, milky white when new, but often become dingy and grimy over time, both inside and out. A simple solution is right in your house! Mix 4 parts hot water, to 2 parts laundry detergent or liquid dish washing detergent, to 1 part bleach in a bucket. Next, get an old toothbrush, or an old washcloth. Submerge the piece to be cleaned, and scrub any heavily soiled areas with the brush or cloth (such as any raised lettering, which often collects dirt and grime between the letters. For the inside of these reservoirs, pour some of the mixture inside and just swirl it around, and watch the stains disappear. Rinse with clean water, and air dry, and you’re done…looking good as new! This also works really well on those pesky license plate lenses too.