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Pastels can be Manly

3 Jan

This car was on the blogs banner for a long time. While vintage stuff is often seen as overly-trendy, there is nothing cooler than something in original condition. Browsing recently on , I came across a more in depth series of pictures of this awesome machine. It’s one of 55 made, has 300 bph, and weighs in at a scant 2150 lbs. Manly numbers. The pastel blue paint? I believe it is called Icing Blue. Perhaps one of our Porsche-phile readers can confirm/correct? Any way you slice it, this is why old stuff just plain kicks ass. No matter what sorta car you have, whether it’s a classic race-ready 911, or a WRX, Evo, Z or anything else. Do it right, and it will drop jaws and stop traffic 40 years from now. Follow every single trend as they flash briefly in the pan, and the car will look dated in short order.