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I Stand Alone

6 Jan

Great driving song

What Dreams are Made of

6 Jan

No matter what kind of cars you’re into, car guys eat, sleep, and have a deep passion for all things motoring. The wives/girlfriends constantly lament that we’re spending so much time in the garage, often joking that we “live for the car”. Well some intelligent, car-guy developers in Singapore have now made that a reality.

The Hamilton Scotts Apartments Sky Garage Apartments are luxury living for the car-obsessed. Drive into the underground entrance, and you’re wisked upstairs, with your car, to your home. The building is 30 stories, with just 56 units. Pricing starts in the $9.5M (USD) range, and penthouses are in the $20M (USD) area. Doubtful that you’ll find the Griswold family station wagon there anytime soon