14 Jan

We show alot of Porsche content on here, primarily because they are one of the few sports cars in the world that have remained true to their roots. They are like the Halle Barre of cars – doesn’t look remotely close to her age, and still sultry as ever.

This is one of the rarest ever made – the 3.0RS. Nearly 2x the cost of the famous 2.7RS. The RS stands for Rennsport, and true to it’s namesake, recorded victories at the most famed tracks all over the world. 11 inch wheels up front, 14 inch wheels out back, massive flares, factory rollbar, brakes from the 917 LeMans car. And the wonderful 3 liter flat 6 that loved to be wrung out.

What Japanese cars carry this same sort of cache? What cars from the current era do you think will look every bit as attractive 40 years from now?


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