24 Jan

One man’s obsession to create the ultimate jack of all trades sports car. No irony lost on the fact that the owner/builder’s name is Jack.

You don’t want to miss the pics of his stunning garage either. A realistic model for what a well organized, clean workspace is all about. Makes any project you take on that much more enjoyable. Also helps to have an in-house apprentice too…looks like an up and coming car dude to me. Yes, this feature is making the rounds on all sorts of car and non car related blogs in the last 24 hours. It’s too cool not to share with you guys though. I didn’t know about until both Jon and a good customer and friend, both sent me a link to it today. They know I love cars, they know I love 911’s, and what guy doesn’t like an awesome garage….

If you’re into the DIY side of the car hobby, I encourage you to check out the build process. A lot of work was done by TRE, and the owner did a lot as well, not to mention build out of the garage.

Courtesy of http://www.petrolicious.com12-gauge-garage-2


Some videos on the garage itself:


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