Rally Level Brakes for Evo VI-X

30 Jan



wilwoodrallywithwheelWe now have a new Wilwood based rally brake kit available for Evo 6-9, as well as a kit for the Evo X!

These kits utilize the Wilwood Dynalight Forged Calipers (4 piston), and include a vented rotor, all required hardware, and Wilwood BP-10 compound pads. This kit is offered for both the front AND rear, and the rear even uses the stock e brake! The best part is, these will fit under 15 inch wheels, making them a perfect choice for rally guys, and even drag guys, who want a durable, functional, reliable and strong brake kit without any risks. Various options are offered alacarte, such as slotted rotors, Superlight calipers, and alternate pad compounds. Front kit is priced at $1140.00, rear kit is priced at $1400.00 (shipping varies depending on location). Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for your kit!

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