The COLD hard truth

1 Feb

 A clean car is not a major priority to the average person. I would guess it probably falls somewhere between mowing the lawn and picking up the dry cleaning. For most, it’s a chore and it costs a few bucks and 15 minutes of your life at the local carwash.

If you are reading this, you are not most people; You’re a car nut and an immaculate ride is right up there with eating and breathing. That said, it’s tough to keep your car tip-top when the weather is this cold. Thankfully for me, my apartment has a heated garage and it is invaluable!

For cold weather detailing, I still wash outside but an Autogeek foam gun and Sonax wheel cleaner help save time and keep exposure to the chill minimal. Using a warm water bucket to rinse the wash mitt is a good idea in between panels and helps your hands stay warm. After the final rinse, I pulled into my toasty garage to dry the car and begin cleaning and sealing the paint.

I haven’t driven much since my last session with the claybar in the fall so I moved right to my bottle of Klasse all-in-one for paint cleaning. This stuff is easy to use, even by hand with a bit of pressure. While the Klasse AIO is sufficient for protection, I topped it with Meguiars NXT which goes on/off very easily, adds slickness and smells great. If you have a darker car, the NXT will also hide some minor imperfections.

Now, our Mazdaspeed 3 looks showroom fresh and the paint should be protected until the seriously hot weather arrives. Check the pics for nice reflections and gloss for a Silver car…


More reflections, pretty clear...

Reflections, pretty clear…


Nice reflections for Silver...

More reflections, nice for Silver…


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