Excessively Cool

3 Feb

Whether you have kids or not; whether you’re a Porsche nut or not; this is an impossibly cool idea, with a ridiculous price tag to match. Then again, Hammacher Schlemmer isn’t known for anything having to do with cost-effective. Over the top is their signature.

It’s a FULL SIZE 917 Race car replica, that is hinged to reveal a slot car track that evokes a likeness to a certain track. The #20 car pays homage to the one driven by Steve McQueen in that epic racing movie “Le Mans”. It’s a working slot car track with a variety of life-like sceneary such as the Esso Oil Drop Man near the Ford chicane, the Marchal sign on the famous three-level grandstand over pit row, the Martini barn, and the unmistakable Dunlop “tire” bridge. 12 included limited-edition slot cars, including the dominant racing models from 1970-1971, painted in authentic period livery: a Porsche 917, Ferrari 512 Coda Lunga, and Lola T70. Plugs right into your wall outlet too!

Price….$125 grand. Not a typo.


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