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Dennis Hopper and a Movie about Street Racing

7 Feb

Dennis Hopper was an iconic American actor who starred in such classics such as Apocalypse Now, Easy Rider, True Romance and many others. He also did a little known movie about a very well known street racing road called Mulholland Drive. This winding road runs above Los Angeles and has some of the most challenging turns and breathtaking views you’ve ever seen.

From the 50’s on, this road became very well known among enthusiasts as a terrific proving ground for the latest go-fast mods. Kids and adults alike would wrench on their cars during the day as meet late at night when traffic died down to run one another. This movie, starring Hopper and Harry Hamlin, is a snapshot of the SoCal street racing scene in the late 70’s. It’s a pretty typically budget movie of the era, but there are some worthwhile chase scenes nevertheless. A “Fast and Furious” 20 years early if you will.

Free Open House at NJMP

7 Feb

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Trial Sports

7 Feb

tryr4One of the original widebody kits for the Impreza

Rhythm of the Factory

7 Feb

Go behind the scenes at RedBull Racing’s F1 factory and listen to the intricacies of what goes into manufacturing their RB9 race car. If you are into. Amazing video even if you have no interest in cars or F1.

Time to Attack

7 Feb

Some cool overhead shots from this video of a Time Attack event from December in Malaysia. Suggestion to the editors – we don’t need 2 minutes of lounge music accompanying every car video. Let’s hear the cars! Use the music as background not foreground.