The Middle Child

29 Apr


The R30/R31 Nissan Skyline. An 80’s baby that seems to get passed over in favor of the more iconic 70’s variants, and the Playstation ero R32/33/34 series by fanboys. Very similar body to the old Infiniti M30 (the Nissan Leopard in other parts of the world). It was a clean sheet design, and it has a simple look. But I like ’em.

Back in these older days of the Skyline, they tossed every engine in the aresenal into them. Everything from 1.7 liter I4 to a 2.8 liter I6 diesel! The venerable L28 made an appearance too. In ’83, things changed a bit with the FJ20DET engine. Eventually intercooled, and pumping out 202 hp. But things changed in ’86 with the R31’s, as that was the first appearance of the now-legendary RB series inline 6 as well as the introduction of the first HICAS system (Nissan’s 4 wheel steering system, that eventially found its way to the 300ZX and SE versions of the 240SX). RB’s stared out as 2.0 liter I6’s. In the highest spec turbo model, the GTS-R, it made around 208 hp.


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  1. WebStarr570 April 30, 2013 at 4:39 AM #

    Now legal for import too because they’re old enough. I bet more of them start popping up in here in the U.S.


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