New HKS Billet Oil Cap

2 Jul

HKS Billet Oil Cap

HKS has recently re-introduced their Billet Oil Filler Cap. This new style is a nice bright red Alumite finish with the signature HKS 30th Anniversary badging. A great match for the HKS High Pressure Radiator cap as a way to add some style to your engine bay.

The oil cap fits:
Subaru engines: EJ series, EZ30, and FA20
Nissan CA18, CG10, CG13, CGA3, CR10, CR12, CR14, GA15, GA16, HR12, HR15, HR16, KA24, MA10, MR16, MR18, MR20, QG15, QG18, QR20, QR25, RB20, RB25, RB26, SR18, SR20, VG20, VG30, VH41, VH45, VK45, VQ25, VQ30, VQ35, VQ37, VR38
Honda: B16, B18, B20, D13, D15, D16, E07, F18, F20, F22, F23, H22, J30, K20, K24, L13, L15, LDA, LEA, P07, R18, R20, S07, ZC
Suzuki: K6, K12, M15, M16

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