Tour de Force

12 Oct

A rare car in an even rarer color. While the 360’s don’t have the mechanical reliability of the 430, it was a game changing car for Ferrari. This one, in Tour de Force blue has aged particularly well. One of those rare cars that so many of us try to emulate, regardless of the marque. A car built to be a weekend road terrorizer and a race track toy, and perform each task with sublime results.





One Response to “Tour de Force”

  1. SuperSwede October 13, 2013 at 8:23 AM #

    To once be able to buy a CS is perhaps my biggest “car dream”, I liked direct from the presentation, and I know very well how “my” car MUST be specced. I feel so sorry for you guys “over there” that didn’t get the “proper” CS with perspex side windows which is an option I see as a “must” on the CS. IMO leather is a big no no as well. But it’s VERY lovely cars.

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