Cusco Aluminum Differential Cover for your Subaru

28 Oct

Cusco has just introduced a billet differential cover for the Subaru
‘s using an R180 differential. This new cover is a direct replacement, offered in silver or anodized blue, and takes total fluid capacity to 1.2-1.3 liters (from .8-.9 liters). It features integrated heat sink fins to aid in keeping the rear fluid cool..which is essential for fluid life, differential life, and proper performance. It’s also thoughtfully pre-tapped M16xP1.5 holes for connection to an external oil cooler. Requires OE part #s Air breather cap 38354AA020 x1, Gasket (differential carrier) 38353AA050 x1, Gasket (T-type H3 & H4 oil temp sensor type only) 803920050 x2.

Priced at $816 in the 48 states.


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