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Website/Email Outage

23 Nov

Received word that the location that hosts our site experienced a power outage during the overnight hours. Until it’s resolved we will not have any website access nor email. If your emails bounce, simply try them later today.

This was their update early this morning:

UPDATE 6:20AM: There was a power outage at the Datacenter that impacted some of our core routing in one of datacenter cages in the datacenter. Right now the network and servers are back online but are having issues resolving DNS externally and this is impacting several sites. We are still actively working on the issue to resolve it.

We are currently investigating an outage in our NAP of the Americas facility. At this time, we believe all servers to be operational, but both primary and secondary routing systems are not responsive. As such, connectivity to external carriers is down. A team has been dispatched to determine and resolve the issue. We will do everything we can to restore full services as quickly as possible.

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