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It’s Gotta Be The Shoes…….

9 Feb


Nothing new about GC10G’s, a simple wheel that in the right sizes, seems to compliment nearly any sports car. Nothing particularly new about the NSX either, except that fact that 23 years after it’s introduction, and 8 years after the last ones rolled off the assembly line, it’s still one of the best expressions of how the Japanese “get” sports cars, and can integrate aesthetic beauty with mechanical precision. Despite it’s age, it’s a car that is still racing all over the world, still being developed, still being made better by firms like Esprit. Pushing the envelope of performance and reliability, vs dumping their efforts and jumping on the “new and now” bandwagon. Nothing new about (or from, for that matter) L.O.T.U.G. But they incorporated that iconic line and integrated it into what would become a seminal song within it’s genre. How’s that for a Venn Diagram! Picture courtesy of


9 Feb

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New McLaren?


Not quite