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West Coasters know how to do it right

5 Jun

On a recent trip to Home Depot for some awesome orange buckets and random house hold repair items,  I ran into this beauty….

Yes.  Your eyes are not deceiving you. That IS an extra set of wheels in the back (non functional), a sunroof mod on the hood, and to make sure everyone knows you’re coming there are no less than 8 forward facing lights that would make any rally racer jealous. 

To make sure that no one forgets that it’s powered by Toyota, it says it on both sides with authority. Awe-inspiring multi-angled racing stripes on top of a custom red paint job is teh win.

You may laugh now.. but this shit is still better than Rota cuz it’s original!! oohh burn.


Forza 3… for the eRacer in all of us.

4 Jun

So last night, went to this VIP shin-dig courtesy of Microsoft and Turn 10 (the development studio that is bringing us the Gran Turismo-killer app for Xbox 360) in downtown LA, right next to the Staples Center and LA Convention Center, where E3 is being held.  Brought teh wifey and some friends to check out the game. They were impressed by the production effort.

It was free booze and food catered by Wolf Gang Puck.  Around the room there were a dozen or so real cars, ranging from the new V10 Audi R8, S4, C6 Z06, Sti, Evo X, NSX, Lambo, R33, and S(?) class. What they were trying to convey was that real cars in this room were the same cars in the demo. 

We got to play a pre-release demo of Forza 3.  The graphics were insanely beautiful– the scenery of mountains and ridges in the background were very photo realistic.. the car modeling looks fantasgreat.. even the car damage was pretty good. I hate lag… its a good thing i didnt see any with all the cars on the screen all at once (surprisingly).  Got to try a few different cars in the in-cockpit view… pretty nice.. Although I couldnt modify the cars (i.e. change out the suspension, etc..) must be the demo thing…  Each of the cars had very distinctive feel to them and the in-cockpit view is pretty slick.  The engine noise seemed authentic enough too.  The 370Z i drove in the game really did sound like… a real 370z! ha. go figure.

Game is set to be released in October… I guess just stick to playing with my real car for the time being…