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Light Content

22 Sep


Sorry for the lack of content…accidentally had the auto-post featured turned off!


McClaren at 50

2 Sep

Now I want cupcakes…..



Cafe con Maranello

21 Aug


And For Those Who Prefer Corn

6 Dec


Non Corn Fed

1 Dec


For those interesed in “pure” non ethanol mixed fuel, found this website

Brembo Application Guide 2013

29 Nov

Brembo 2013 Application Guide with MSRP

Brembo Brakes has just released their 2013 application guide. In the enclosed pdf you’ll find every big brake kit they offer. The Brembo High Performance Program now offers 1000+ GT/GT-R brake upgrades for the most popular sports cars, sedans, trucks and SUV’s.

GT brake kits are based around a high performance, radial-mounted fixed aluminum caliper, combined with large high 2 piece performance rotors, and performance brake lines. These kits are substantially larger than factory brakes, and offer greater heat dispersion, lower unsprung weight, and improved brake torque. The calipers come in red black or silver with the “Brembo” logo prominently displayed.

GT-R brake kits are based around a special monoblock, billet aluminum caliper. These are an even stiffer, stronger design compared to the GT kits, special stainless radiators for the pistons allowing greater heat dissipation and large 2 piece floating rotors sized up to 405mm in diameter and 34mm thick. They also include more track oriented pads vs the standard GT kit as well.

Contact us at before December 21, 2012 to get the best possible pricing, before the January 2013 price increases take effect!

Vibrant Universal Resonators and Mufflers

20 Aug

Building a custom exhaust, or improving an existing one? We’ve got ya covered with Vibrant’s awesome universal components.

Their universal resonators come in 2 flavors, standard and ultra quiet. They are perfectly tuned, full stainless steel, and feature a free flow design. Click the pics above for details on each.

Vibrant Ultra Quiet Universal Resonator

Vibrant Universal Resonator

Their universal mufflers have been a long time favorite, as they combine great looks, great sound, flexible dimensions and very affordable pricing. If you’ve been craving an exhaust for a car with few to no options, or, if you’ve got an exhaust you are looking to improve performance, sound or looks, these are for you!

Vibrant StreetPower Universal Stealth Black Muffler

Contact for all enquries. We also offer universal tips and mandrel bends as well as gaskets and flanges to help your project

Porsche Web Cinema

29 May

Bored at home with nothing to do? Need an excuse to not get stuck watching another episode of Real Housewives of (whatever city) with the Misses? Take your laptop or tablet in the other roonm sit back and enjoy

WHile not a new site, it’s got some of the best car porn out there for any enthusiast

Amsoil Now Available

2 Jan

For 2012 we are now offering the rull range of Amsoil products. Among the finest synthetic engine, transmission, and differential oils on the market today!

We will be steadily adding these to our site in the next several days (engine oils are already listed). These come in different formulations and viscosity ratings depending on your needs, and can be purchased in sizes ranging from single quarts to 275 gallon installments. All shipped directly to your door

So I picked up dinner in the “hood” tonight…

9 Sep

I had to get my “hair did,” and I was starving. So I went into the take out Chinese food spot next to my barbershop to pick up a hood classic – Chicken Wings with Chicken Fried Rice, No MSG of course! Honestly, this shit just feels like its clogging your arteries as it goes down. Its all good, I eat this maybe once every 10 years.

Look at that glistening, its looks like they coated it with tire shine when they were done. I don’t know where they find the chickens that they use for these meals. I never see chicken wings this big when I go to the supermarket, must be from the retarded chicken coup.

This is the only dish that I’ve seen ALWAYS served in a Styrofoam dish regardless of where you buy your Chinese takeout. I can think of two reasons why. 1) To keep this dish continually at that $4.99 crackhead affordable price even with everything else increasing in price. (Gas prices affect Crackheads too you know.) and 2) Styrofoam is the only thing that won’t disintegrate from all of this grease.

Well at least it tasted good. Man I am in the mood for some Welch’s grape juice right about now. 🙂