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Gussied Up Hawkeye

30 Dec




Subtle Spice for your GTR

17 Dec

Chargespeed Japan has just released their new BottomLine kit for the GTR, and it’s now available stateside! Available as a full kit, or as individual components for the 2009-2013 GTR, these are clean components that maintain the classic GTR lines without any riceboy tackiness. These come in either all FRP, or Chargespeed’s Hybrid carbon, which combines both FRP and genuine 1×1 carbon weave (hand laid FRP on the upper half, 1×1 carbon on the lower half). The parts you see painted red in the front lip, sides, rear are the FRP portions (come in black gelcoat out of the box). All the holes are predrilled, and each piece is a direct bolt on…easy! Full carbon versions coming soon.

Contact us to order!

Free Shipping on Sparco, OMP and Momo Race Suits + Pyrotect Helmets

8 Dec
Pyrotect Carbon Helmet

Pyrotect Carbon Helmet


Sparco Lucida Race Suit

Sparco Lucida Race Suit

Ends Monday 12/9 at midnight eastern time!!  Click pics above to contact us


Happy Sunday!

Aeromotive and TiAL Deals!

5 Dec

Take an extra 5% off and get free shipping in ALL 50 states on all TiAL orders over $150 – click logo to contact us




Additionally, take 10% off ALL Aeromotive orders over $150 – click logo to contact us


The Sparco Sale

3 Dec



Take another 5% off all Sparco, and get free shipping in the 48 states, and 50% savings on shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and PR.  Discounted international rates available too.

This applies to seats, steering wheels, harnesses, suits….don’t miss out!   Click the logo above to contact us




Chargespeed Japan Deals for Cyber Monday

2 Dec



Click the picture to contact us!

For Cyber Monday, we’re running a Chargespeed Special – all aero parts orders over $350.00 (before shipping costs) (fenders, lips, body kits, hood scoops, mirrors, bumpers etc), we split the shipping with you in the 48 states! Any orders over $2000, we pay the freight in the 48 states!! Shipping discounts are available for orders outside of the continental 48 states, contact us email at

All Chargespeed seats ordered in pairs, we split the shipping with you in the 48 states too!

A great chance to save extra bucks on shipping costs that usually are quite pricey due to the size and weight of the boxes…don’t sleep on it!


Do it in the Dirt

13 Nov

Yesterday we showed some clips of a rallycross 911.  But that was when the car was all nice and shiny and driving on tame, paved roads.  Here are some clips of the car in it’s more natural habitat…enjoy!

As expected, the car wears venerable Braid wheels, some of the strongest, and affordable street and competition wheels you can buy!

Why Stressing Over Tire Size is Useless

12 Nov

One of the most frequent questions we get is “what size tire do you recommend?”.  The most correct, but least awaited answer we can give is “It depends”.  Because frankly, tire size doesn’t really mean a whole heckuva lot. 

We’ve been taught, through some sort of mythical passdown of inaccurate information, that the first number in a tires size (let’s say, 275) is it’s width, in mm.  If that were true, things would be simple.  When you go into a store to buy a new shirt, you see the same phenomenon.  Some firms clothing runs bigger (or smaller) than others.    You may wear a 34 jean from one company, and a 36 from another.  Modifying a car is similarly inconsistent, and rarely is simple.  While the first number in a tires size CAN be it’s width in mm, it’s more often than not, a general target of width.  Now, on an otherwise stock car, this doesn’t really matter.  When you start altering suspension, dropping the car an inch (or more), fitting super wide, super low offset wheels, your margin for error decreases exponentially.  As the Pauli Exclusion Principal generally states (and was reinforced by Einstein and many others), 2 objects cannot occupy the same physical space at the same time.  So in the interest of avoiding tire contact with the body of the car, with suspension components, with the inner fender liners, etc, things become more complicated. 

This pictue is one Kwame posted several years ago, and it illustrates the point perfectly.



If you saw the above picture, which tire would you say is bigger?  The one on the left clearly.  But on paper, the tire on the right is bigger.  Both are mounted on the same 11.5 inch wide wheels.  The tire on the left is a  Michelin PS2, 295/30/19. The tire on the right is a Pirelli PZero, 305/30/19.  If you’re trying to get more “stance”, or gain a bigger footprint, which would you rather have?  The one with the bigger number on the receipt, or the one with the bigger physical dimension? 

Here is another picture of the same above example: 295/30/19 PS2 on left, 305/30/19 PZero on the right



So what do you do?  Check the manufacturers site!  Everyone should have the physical dimensions of their tires, in inches, for every corresponding ‘size’ listed on their website. 


Built with a Purpose

12 Nov

A 911 built to rally



Paul, we need some in-dirt footage next 😉

Fresh Cup

7 Nov

Freshly delivered 991 GT3 Cup Cars!


Return of the (Formula) Mesh

7 Nov


Wheel Reveal Part II: The 2014 return of the legendary SSR Formula Mesh. SSR has reintroduced this classic wheel for first quarter 2013, but has added a modern twist: sizes will exclusively be offered in 16 inch (16×5.5 to 16×10) in 4×98 and 4×100, and 19 inch (19×7.5 through 19.12.5 in 5×130 bolt pattern). FWD, old school guys and especially Porsche-philes, rejoice!

Contact us at for details


New SSR Wheel Reveal Part I: GTV Series

7 Nov

SSR has a bunch of new products for 2014. First outta the gate are the GTV series. These are a 1 piece flowform produced setup which yields weight and strength that approaches that of a forged setup without the price tag. Trust us, pricing is ON POINT!!! There classic yet contemporary designs are offered, each in Phantom Silver or Flat Black, in sizes ranging from 15-19 inch.

Contact us to order










GT Spec Trunk Cage for 370Z

30 Oct

GT Spec Trunk Cage 370Z

GT Spec Trunk Cage 370Z

we showed off a prototype trunk cage for the 370Z coupe from GT Spec. Good things come to those who wait, and now it’s finally being released for in November/December 2013. Contact us for details and pricing, or to reserve one for yourself

Cusco Aluminum Differential Cover for your Subaru

28 Oct

Cusco has just introduced a billet differential cover for the Subaru
‘s using an R180 differential. This new cover is a direct replacement, offered in silver or anodized blue, and takes total fluid capacity to 1.2-1.3 liters (from .8-.9 liters). It features integrated heat sink fins to aid in keeping the rear fluid cool..which is essential for fluid life, differential life, and proper performance. It’s also thoughtfully pre-tapped M16xP1.5 holes for connection to an external oil cooler. Requires OE part #s Air breather cap 38354AA020 x1, Gasket (differential carrier) 38353AA050 x1, Gasket (T-type H3 & H4 oil temp sensor type only) 803920050 x2.

Priced at $816 in the 48 states.

Imagine if You Will….

16 Oct



….this car, in the midst of midtown Manhattan – the juxtoposition of classic JDM styling, blending artfully with the modern NYC skyline. No matter what new cars Japan throws at us in the coming years (and lately, there hasn’t been too much to get excited about), the old school is the best ‘new’ school there is.