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General Zeod

16 Feb

Rough title, so what…

No, this video isn’t brand new. But for those who don’t have the time to stay up to date on all things Nissan, this is their entry for the 2014 LeMans race. All sorts of genuine JDM goodness in this car. This is the stuff to watch, because in 10 years, your Z car will probably have some of it’s DNA.

The List

16 Feb

It’s coming 🙂 Soon it will be June

Loving their new logo this year too

List courtesy of As always, who’s not on it is always just as interesting, perhaps more-so, than who is on it.


Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R18 e-TRON Quattro Hybrid Lucas di Grassi
Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R18 e-TRON Quattro Hybrid Marce Fassler
Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R18 e-TRON Quattro Hybrid Filipe Albuquerque
Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 Hybrid Alexander Wurz
Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 Hybrid Anthony Davidson
Porsche Team Porsche 919 Hybrid Romain Dumas
Porsche Team Porsche 919 Hybrid Timo Bernhard
Lotus Lotus T129 AER Christijan Albers
Rebellion Racing Rebellion-Toyota R-One Nicolas Prost
Rebellion Racing Rebellion-Toyota R-One Mathias Beche


Strakka Racing Dome Strakka S103 Nissan Nick Leventis
Millennium Racing Oreca 03 Nissan Fabien Giroix
Millennium Racing Oreca 03 Nissan Stefan Johansson
Sebastien Loeb Racing Oreca 03 Nissan Rene Rast
G Drive Racing Morgan Nissan Roman Rusinov
SMP Racing Oreca 03 Nissan Kirill Ladygin
OAK Racing – Team Asia Ligier JS P2 HPD David Cheng
Race Performance Oreca 03 Judd Michel Frey
OAK Racing Morgan Nissan Alex Brundle
Signatech Alpine Alpine A450 Nissan Paul-Loup Chatin
SMP Racing Oreca 03 Nissan Serge Zlobin
Jota Sport Zytek Z11SN Nissan Simon Dolan
Greaves Motorsport Zytek Z11SN Nissan Thomas Kimber-Smith
Newblood by Morand Racing Morgan Judd Christian Klien
Thiriet by TDS Racing Ligier JP S2 Pierre Thiriet
KCMG Oreca 03 Nissan Matthew Howson
Murphy Prototypes Oreca 03 Nissan Greg Murphy


AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia Gianmaria Bruni
RAM racing Ferrari 458 Italia Matt Griffin
AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia Davide Rigon
Corvette Racing Chevrolet Corvette C7 Jan Magnussen
Corvette Racing Chevrolet Corvette C7 Oliver Gavin
Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage Bruno Senna
Porsche Team Manthey Porsche 911 RSR Patrick Pilet
Porsche Team Manthey Porsche 911 RSR Marco Holzer
SRT Motorsports Viper GTS-R Rob Bell
SRT Motorsports Viper GTS-R Jeroen Bleekemolen
Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage Darren Turner
Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage Stefan Mucke


Ram Racing Ferrari 458 Italia Johnny Mowlem
Team Sofrev ASP Ferrari 458 Italia Fabien Barthez
AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia Peter Ashley Mann
AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia Luis Perez Companc
AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia Yannick Mallegol
IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Erik Maris
SMP Racing Ferrari 458 Italia Andrea Bertolini
Prospeed Competition Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Francois Perrodo
Dempsey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Patrick Dempsey
AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia Stephen Wyatt
Craft Racing Aston Martin Vantage Frank Yu
Proton Competition Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Christian Ried
8 Star Motorsports Ferrari 458 Italia Vicente Potolicchio
Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage Kristian Poulsen
Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage Richie Stanaway
Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage Paul Dalla Lana

Red Bull Hopes to Turn the Heat Down

16 Feb


Testing time in Jerez didn’t go too well for Red Bull. For all the design genius of Adrian Newey, the team broke out the drills a few weeks ago just to scallop out the body work in hopes the car would just cool down. Temperatures were at an average high of 58F degrees, and an average low of 43F – hardly hot. But the heat was on in the Red Bull kitchen as everyone packed up and left early, with hardly any laps completed. You know Newey has been burning the midnight oil these past few weeks, figuring out a way to either 1. somehow get a Ferrari engine in the back of his otherwise stellar creation, or 2. figure out how the heck to get this engine to stay within temperature limits this time around. Temperatures predicted in Bahrain over the next few days will average a very spring like 69-70 ish F, and a low not much lower. Beautiful weather over there this time of year.

Of course, there is one more test session scheduled in Bahrain, at the end of the month. That’s it, over and done with. Then the first race is mid March in Australia – where temperatures will likely be similar to what it is in Bahrain. So who’s running hotter right now? The Red Bull engine, or Newey himself? No doubt he’s under a tremendous amount of pressure. Afterall, their star drivers can’t do much if the car isn’t fully functional. With that said, there is no doubt that Newey is perhaps the greatest F1 engineer in the series history. He has a knack for applying his Hawking-esque brain to the world of racing. While I’m a Tifosi a heart, I’m rooting for Newey, and I think he will figure it out. We all know the season is long, and literally everything can happen. Particularly with the new engines, not to mention all the new rules for this year.

White Snake

15 Feb

The SRT Viper GT3-R is collaboration between Chrysler Group’s

The SRT Viper GT3-R is collaboration between Chrysler Group’s

A dry sumped, 8.3 liter, pushrod’d overhead cam’d V10 behemoth, that doesn’t “even” have variable timing on the exhaust side. Yet still pumps out 680 hp and 640 ft lbs of naturally bad-ass-pirated goodness. Oh, and she weighs 2855 lbs, so she’s svelte given her size and power. She also has some of the sexiest lines ever penned on a race car. For the slammed-happy among us, she is properly “stanced” – but in a useful and effective way. And she revs as loudly as a woman scorned.

As far as I can tell, only 1 of these will be run at LeMans this year. Corvette will have a pair of the new C7.R. It will be interesting to see the 2 heavyweights duke it out, though disappointing that more American teams aren’t represented.

Click the first pic for an awesome HD desktop shot.

AP Racing Radi-Cal Big Brake Kits

12 Feb


We are now offering the full Radi-Cal big brake kit setups from AP Racing. This caliper design has raced successfully the world over, and is now optimized so that even a street car can take advantage of them. Some features that separate these setups from others, Firstly, these use a forged caliper, which are both lighter and stiffer than a typical cast caliper used in other big brake kits. One of the neatest aspects of these kits are they were designed to be user friendly. Not only are they a total bolt on, but from a servicing standpoint, they offer very quick and easy pad changes with the removable forged “H” brace at the top of the caliper. The caliper stays mounted to the car, and pads are quickly able to be swapped out.


The pistons are staggered hard anodized aluminum for equalized pad pressure, which in turn promotes better bite, more consistent brake torque, and the best pad wear possible. Dust seals are incorporated to ensure long life and minimal running costs.


The kits are all designed around OEM ABS and traction control systems as well, so no guesswork involved from a chassis setup standpoint. While many nowadays fit a big brake kit simple for their aesthetic value, AP has gone a long way to ensure these are both beautiful as well as the most durable calipers out there – they are both anodized and high temp painted, not just one or the other.


The disks used in these kits are directionally curve vane vented for maximum air flow through the disc. AP Racing’s unique curve vaned discs are Dyno and race proven as the best designed rotors for optimized cooling. The curve vane rotor acts an air pump pulling air into the center of the rotor and blowing it through the veins and out of the top of the rotor. This act allows the rotor to be self-cooling and work extremely efficiently.

AP Racing’s Wide Disc Technology (WDT) is used for the most efficient way to transfer heat to from the disc. Designs using wider discs with larger air gaps increase air flow rates within the discs as proven by AP Racing’s FEA, CFD and TSA testing. This goal was achieved while not increasing disc weight or disc stress and decreasing disc temperatures by up to 300 degrees F.

The disks are of course a 2 piece design, with anodized 6061 T-6 hats. That in and of itself isn’t necessarily “news”, but what is interesting is how they mount. These hats use 12 point mounting vs the 10 point that is more typically found. What’s more, these use floating hardware for the hat to disk which allows both components axial and radial movement. This allows each to cool quicker and more efficiently, while simultaneously allowing the disk to remain centered relative to the caliper. That feature then pays the user big dividends by significantly limiting pad knockback.


The disks also feature the J Hook slot design which increases frictional surface area across the rotor face but without being prone to cracking, like in a cross drilled rotor under extreme temperature swings. We can also offer the kits with a combination slotted/drilled rotor for those that prefer such a configuration.

The pads supplied are true dual purpose

The last piece to the puzzle is of course the brake lines. These can often be a weak link with other offshore kits, but not so with AP. They are made by Goodridge and feature fully extruded PTFE inner sections wrapped in a high strength stainless braid that is both corrosion and fire resistant. This is then all wrapped with a clear outer sleeve as well.


These kits are being offered initially for a wide range of vehicles including the Audi A4/S4 and A5/S5, BMW 3 series, Z4, M3 and M5, Cadillac CTS-V models, Camaro, C5-C7 Corvette, the various SRT-8 models, Mustang, Infiniti G (G25, G35, G37), FX (FX35, FX45, FX50 and M models (M35 and M45), Jeep, and the 350Z/370Z, with additional models to appear. We will be offering free shipping through March 31, 2014, as well as free brake fluid as well (from several choices, depending on your individual needs).

For all retail and wholesale inquiries, contact us at


9 Feb

From awhile ago just never posted

New McLaren?


Not quite


Stunning Silouette

3 Feb

One of these most beautiful race cars ever, and one of the cleanest, most identifiable liveries ever created.


Race cars today may be faster, and more reliable, and certainly safer….but they seem to lack the character the older cars had. Then again, as we get older, all we seemingly want is to see the things we remember from our youth, with the benefit of the the perspective only age can bring. Anyway, enjoy.

We’ll return to JDM content too, but with Porsche returning the LeMans this year, there is so much history to cover, it’s worthy of attention.

A Beauty from IMSA’s Past

31 Jan

Ferrari 333SP

Click the link above for the video. A reblog, but worthy…this car, to me, is one of the last of it’s breed. And the sounds are nothing short of heaven sent. Others must feel the same way, as the one below, an Evoluzione model, recently sold at RM Auctions for a cool $1.35M!



That Viral Porsche

20 Jan

The car that set the bar 27 years ago, and is still a wicked performer by the latest standards. While videos at the ‘Ring astound us today, because there is such history and such mystique that surrounds the Green Hell, these guys helped bring that appeal to the mainstream. Those of us as kids who got to see this video grew up to be guys who still can’t help but be curious as to what modern cars can run at the Nurburgring. We know we may not ever get there, and we know that if we do, we surely won’t likely get to experience it behind the wheel of a true supercar, but it’s the stuff that dreams are made of never-the-less. You’ve seen this video before if you’re a car nut, this just happens to be a really clean transfer

You Don’t Look Your Age

19 Jan

And probably never will. Toyota did a fantastic job with the ST185 Celica.


Get Outside (Area Races) Part 2

19 Jan


April 18, 19 & 20: SCCA US Majors at V.I.R.

May 30 – 31, 2014: STPR Pro Rally. If you’ve never attended a rally event, this is a must see. Gorgeous part of the country, wide range of courses, and some of the friendliest crowds out there. All centered around the quaint town of Wellsboro, PA.

June 26th – 29th, 2014: Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds. A world famous event returns after a hiatus. One of the most challenging hillclimb courses there is, and a huge range of diverse vehicles attend and participate.

June 27-29: IMSA Tudor Sports Car 6 Hours at the Glen (Watkins Glen, NY)., Continental Sports Car and Porsche GT3 Cup events. An awesome weekend trip!

July 18: V.I.R. Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge

July 18 – 19, 2014: New England Forest Rally, Newry, ME

Pit Stop

18 Jan

What a sight!


by cheedragon

Tanabe Springs for your new Infiniti Q Ship

17 Jan
Tanabe NF-210 Sport Springs Infiniti Q50

Tanabe NF-210 Sport Springs Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti Q50 (the replacement/rebadging of the G37) is a new car to the market, and Tanabe already has you covered as far as getting your height in order. Their NF (Normal Feel) springs maintain the luxury ride of these awesome cars, but lower your stance 1 inch in the front, .6 inches out back. Click the picture to order a set for your car!

Full WRC Coverage, All in One Spot: Monaco

17 Jan

Just click this picture for the real WRC coverage from each event stage134_Loeb-Monte_896x504

Gone are the days of Speedvision, where every night during an event you could watch same day 1 hour coverage the same video feed the rest of the world got to see(and then New Years Day, they would show a marathon of all events back to back to back!). I don’t even know where you can find WRC coverage in the US anymore. But while perusing the blog today, I discovered that the WRC has their own Youtube channel, and it’s pretty neat. Same day, stage by stage updates in nice concise packaging. While it’s not the live onboard stuff, it’s as close as we’re likely to get here in the US for the forseeable future

Height Correction via Tanabe

15 Jan

Tanabe has just released 3 new sets of lowering springs for 3 new cars. Tanabe NF210 (NF stands for Normal Feel) are now available for the 2014 Mazda 6, the 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport, and the 2013 Nissan Sentra.

If you’re looking to retain a comfortable ride, and not slam your brand new car to the ground, these are a terrific option. Spring rates are bumped up just slightly stiffer than stock, and they give a modest height reduction.

For the Mazda 6, they lower the car by 1 inch front and back

Tanabe NF210 2014 Mazda 6

Tanabe NF210 2014 Mazda 6

For the Lexus IS350 F-Sport, they lower the car by 1.4 inches up front, and 1 inch out back

Tanabe NF210 Sport Springs for 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport

Tanabe NF210 Sport Springs for 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport

For the 2013 Nissan Sentra, the NF210’s lower the car by 1.5 inches up front, and 1.4 inches out back.

Tanabe NF210 Sport Springs 2013 Nissan Sentra

Tanabe NF210 Sport Springs 2013 Nissan Sentra

Pricing is very cost effective, they will play nicely with your stock shocks/struts, and your spouse won’t be bemoaning that fact that you “ruined her new car by fiddling with it”, because they retain their ride comfort, but gain a much sportier stance.

To order, just contact us by clicking any of the 3 pictures above and we’ll get your set on it’s way.