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Road and Track’s 10 Most Infamous Crashes in LeMans History

24 Jun

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The Mercedes CLR GT1’s are simply amazing to watch (unfortunately). For Webber to have lived through 2 separate flips at precisely this same spot, and then, for Mercedes to STILL let their other 2 cars actually start the race, is insane. How the car managed to launch that high in the air, flip over and over, and still land on it’s tires, is even more amazing. But, with so much money put into the development and attendance of such a race, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise. And of course, the race-flip was the worst of the bunch, with the car literally launching into the trees. I remember watching it when it happened. Jaw dropping


A Lifetime in 24 Hours

25 Jun

It’s that time of the year again! Fresh off the heels of the 24 hour race at LeMans, it’s once again time for the 24 Hour Endurance Race at the world famous Nurburgring. We all know how tiring driving can sometimes be, even if we’re in the car for an hour or two. Imagine driving flat out, through any weather condition, throughout a challenging course in the middle of the German forest, with a field full of fellow nutcases doin the same. This is what the 24 Hours of Nurburgring is. The best drivers in the world, in some of the best sports and GT cars, engaged in the in the ultimate dance between man and machine.

If you’re interested in lve, free online coverage, here are some resources:

1. http://adac.24h-rennen.de/Streaming.4101.0.html?&L=1&cHash=f6a7d1bb2f (the official Nurburgring site)
2. http://tv.audi.com/#/02 – Audi’s Live Stream
3. http://www.radiolemans.com/ – Love the coverage and insight these guys bring

24 Hours of LeMans 2010!!!

11 Jun

The start of the race is tomorrow, and tensions are running high, as the wet weather envelopes Cirquit de la Sarth. If you’re bored at work and can stream stuff online, Radio LeMans always has great coverage. Sirius/XM is also carrying it on their channels this year too. Of course to view it live, Speed Channel here in the US is the place to be, with live coverage from 8:30 AM EST until 12:30, then it goes to SpeedTV.com for online streaming from 12:30 till 6:00PM, and then back to Speed Channel for live coverage from 6:00 PM EST until 9:30 AM Sunday for the finish

“The Lion Has Roared”

14 Jun


For the first time in 16 years, Peugot has emerged victorious at the 24 Hours of LeMans. The 908, a direct injection, diesel powered, twin turbo, prototype style machine, was able to take down the previously dominant Audi’s, completing 382 laps, for a total of 3000 miles. The second place car was also a Peugot 908, completing 381 laps.

I love the design of this car – so many swoops and curves. The powerplant is simply a technological marvel. The cutting edge nature of the series in general is part of what makes the event so intoxicating for me.