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Use What Ya Got

3 Oct

So you live in Pakistan, you need to do an engine swap to your MR2. You don’t have a local Harbor Freight nearby to pick up a $99 engine hoist. But you do have a friend…and he does have a……

A little ingenuity, a bit of care, and determination, and it’s amazing what can be accomplished!

Complete Timing Belt Kit for your 4AGE!!!

22 Nov

Another complete timing belt kit, this time for the venerable Toyota 4AGE. Once again we use only OE suppliers for Toyota (and every other Japanese manufacturer). This kit is for the 16 valve engines.

The kit includes:

Timing Belt
New Water Pump
New Water Pump Gasket
New Thermostat
New Thermostat Gasket
New Drive Belts for Alternator
Valvecover Gaskets with grommet/washer set

Priced @ $209 shipped in all 50 states

All components carry a 12 month, no hassle warranty as well (excludes shipping costs)

If there are additional components you would like to add to the above (new accessory idlers and accessory belts, for example), just let us know!

To order, just email z1sales@z1auto.com, or give us a call at (631)863-3820. Price includes shipping to all 50 states. For shipping to anywhere else in the world, please contact us with your full, complete address