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The Same, but Different: A Tale of 2 Race Cars

1 Jul

Neat video

Rare Stuff Part 2

21 Dec

Next up is another Porsche, this one a bit more attainable (and one of my personal favorites of all time).  This clean 996 GT3 RS was never officially sold in the US.  Featured a naturally aspirated version of the famous 962 and GT1 cars.  While this is a street car, designed for track days and such, the racing versions dominated at LeMans, and throughout the FIA GT3 class during the years it raced.  Quite a pedigree!  Yours for a cool $100,000US.

I have a bunch of cool videos saved on my computer with 996 GT3 RS’s racing at various tracks.  If you guys are interested, let me know and I’ll post them!