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Stunning Silouette

3 Feb

One of these most beautiful race cars ever, and one of the cleanest, most identifiable liveries ever created.


Race cars today may be faster, and more reliable, and certainly safer….but they seem to lack the character the older cars had. Then again, as we get older, all we seemingly want is to see the things we remember from our youth, with the benefit of the the perspective only age can bring. Anyway, enjoy.

We’ll return to JDM content too, but with Porsche returning the LeMans this year, there is so much history to cover, it’s worthy of attention.


Porsche @ Goodwood

21 Jun

Every year the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place in the UK at the end of June. It takes place on one of Englands most famed estates and features an eclectic mix of people and cars from around the world. This years theme revolves around “Racing Revolutions – Quantum Leaps that Shaped Motorsport”. Porsche is no stranger to that, and as such, will bring several unique models from their racing history. One such iconic car is the 961, the LeMans going version of the iconic 959 car originally developed for the Paris Dakar Rally. Motorsport has always been a proving ground for top tier manufacturers, and Porsche used this race to continue development of their twin turbo, flat six engine. It finished 7th overall, as well as winning it’s class. Not too shabby. If any of you guys are going to this years festival, let us know – would love to feature some of your pictures and impressions, to be shared with those of us not fortunate enough to be there.

Skeet Skeet…

23 Oct

The 2.85 Liter, Twin Turbo Engine of the Porsche 959 Road car. 444hp, sequential turbos, water-cooled heads, air-cooled block who the hell thought to put this in a road car in 1986? The things done to win races.  Nuts….

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot