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That Black 964

6 May

This is unquestionably not only one of the nicest 964s I’ve seen, but one of the coolest modified cars, period.



The Art of Simplicity

3 May


Braid Wheels for your Porsche

30 Sep

Whether your Porsche is a classic or modern, street or race, rally or tarmac, Braid makes a wheel to set it apart from the crowd. A wide range of sizes, custom widths and offsets to accodomate whatever you can dream up! Your world-class car deserves nothing less than world-class wheels.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to arrange a set for your car.

Red with Envy…

21 Mar

Red Rauh Welt Built 964 for sale at Auto Sports Japan

964 RS Clubsport putting in that Work…

12 Jan

Meisters making an old school look better than a lot of these young whippersnappers out here.

Wyclef says it all in this classic hit. Listen to the Chorus…

Self Explanatory

22 Dec

Classically Cool

29 Sep

I first became aware of Freisinger at TAS 1999 believe it or not, when one of their customer RSR’s was on display, and just stared at me, teasing, for hours. It was then, and is now, one of the coolest cars I’ve ever laid eyes on. Now it’s for sale. This is Porsche perfection.

1994 Porsche 964 Speedster

27 Jul

I saw this thing of beauty up  for sale on Autosports Japan’s website and it has been occupying my mind all weekend.



23 Jul

964 series 911 C4 Lightweight – sort of a mix of a few different models put together by the Weissach factory. Just 20 made worldwide, and I’m told MSRP was over $150k when new.

This rare beast weighed in just north of 2400 lbs. Featured adjustable differentials

This particular one had extremely low miles – just over 5000km’s from new! Love the rarity of it, but it was designed for rally use – not quite sure I’d want to go blasting down the trails with such a rare, expensive beast. Probably why it has such low miles and in is such immaculate condition!

Porsche’s @ The ‘Ring

24 May

More Ruf Sex (MILF Status)

25 Dec

A previous example of a RUF 911.  This one is a 1989 model, twin turbo 3.36 liter flat 6, 469 hp/407 ft lbs of torque.  A Milf I’d love to take for a spin!