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When it All Just Flows

30 Dec

Have shown the Singer 911 before, but never posted pics of their white one. This is probably my favorite to date, because of its interior. The subtle olive green is absolutely awesome. The only thing I’d do differently is the steering wheel. I know it’s a classic and all, I just prefer a 3 spoke to a 4. Other than that, this is automotive Nirvana.

On most of the ‘tuned’ Japanese cars out there, people take a more is more approach. Piling parts upon parts without much thought as to the final outcome, or whether the lines of one flow with the lines of another. Or tossing a bunch of off the shelf parts together into a stew. A bit like a paint by numbers collage. One part Brand X, one part Brand Y and you end up with a car that looks like many others you’ve seen before. The coolest ones out there, to me at least, are the ones where things were taken to the next level. Where a level of customization was done that separates it. Covering a part in leather or genuine alcantara to give it a more finished look (like the rollbar in this car). Yes, using quality parts is important, no question about it. But having a next-level car is about putting your own signature touches and making everything cohesive.

Interested in the extent of the detail work on these cars? Check out the video


The Fitzy

23 Aug

A rather stunning classic Datsun ZX race car now owned by Adam Carolla

You Know You’re Getting Old When….

19 Aug

….cars you remember racing in your youth, are now sitting in museaums, and being collected by enthusasists with deep pockets

I remember being absolutely infatuated with the aero on the Paul Newman piloted 300ZX IMSA cars. Adam Carolla owns the #33 car, built by Bob Sharp up in Connecticut. Lots of pedigree to it, pretty slick machine