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Pressin’ On

20 Jan

The press has seem some heavy action here lately – just swapping out stuff on our own cars! Kwame has a full array of bushings he still needs to do. In preparation for installation of my 4.3 final drive equipped pumpkin, we had to press out the stock pieces from the pumpkin. I picked this pumpkin up last year from a customer who had it sitting around. It had an inordinate amount of rust on it, and it made removing the bushings a royal PIA. Not to mention, when you’re trying to secure a ~100 lb pumpkin in a press, it’s no easy task. One bushing dropped out easily, but the second one just wouldn’t budge. Finally, after some coaxing with some Nuts Off (a really good penetrating oil), the air hammer and a cutting wheel, we managed to force it out. Next up we’ll file off the rest of the surface rust, and install the SPL Solid Bushings in their place. I think I’ve also been talked in to just dropping the subframe and doing the Whiteline Rear Traction Kit along with the rest of the NISMO bushings for the rear, as well as the NISMO exhaust hangers, to compliment the rest of the NISMO bushings already on the car. It never seems to end……

Get your weight up, not your hate up…

5 Aug

newcluster 004

Adam’s cluster is back… Awwww shittttt sonnnn!!! I’m totally stealing his thunder, but whatever the blog needs love! See what I do for you guys?

I can’t lie I’m jealous.

I’d also like to apologize for the ridiculous post title. I’m just not really all that creative to be honest.

Adam’s Project Z33: Update – NISMO Garage Door Moulding

9 May

Haven’t done an update on my car in a bit, so figured it was time. Last weekend I actually got to drive the car with the ITB’s! Wasn’t a long drive, only about 20 minutes, but it felt good to take her out for a spin after laying dormant the past 5 months. More to come soon as we get the tuning done, etc. Fingers crossed it nets a gain over what I had previously!

Since Shaun’s car left today and we’ve got more room now, I was able to do some minor work to my car. We’ve actually been doing quite a bit to the car lately, trying to get the ITB setup all done. In preparation we swapped over to the ’07 + radiator support, since it has dual inlets (one per side) to help feed them some cooler air. I also ditched the UTEC in favor of a Haltech. At some point I’ll get to install the cool Racepak dash cluster, but I have a feeling that’s still a few months off right now.

I’ll say this much – I must be a total NISMO whore, because I actually forked over the $ to buy the NISMO lower “guard” for my front bumper. It’s basically a long, $60 piece of what is effectively garage door moulding, that you can buy at any hardware store. Except this comes in a NISMO bag with some sort of certificate of authenticity. I guess that’s so you can flash it to people to prove you didn’t go the Home Depot route. Kwame ordered one up for his car and said I should get one for myself – so I did, without realizing I could have done this way cheaper, but so it goes. I really have no practical purpose for it. As low as my car is, this front bumper seems a touch longer than others, so I just don’t have the issues over speed bumps that I did before. I just wanted some black contrast at the bottom of the bumper. I had a lip on the car this time last year that took me all day to mold into shape, and it looked awesome. But it was too damn low and I kept having to nurse it around. This piece is not nearly as tall, and it’s flexible, so it should do well.

I cannot wait for this phase of things to be done so I can enjoy her again!