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NSX+RS=Hell Yes

28 Nov

Scientific fact posted right there! Take an awesome NSX (owned by good customer in Chi-town) and a bad ass set of wheels (Advan RS) and you’ve got yourself a winning combo!

Takata Green Advan RS’

26 Jul

Special Ordered for a customer. 18×10.0 with a +25 offset.

No color is impossible

Barry’s New Shoes

25 Apr

For your viewing pleasure – Advan RS, 18×9 +45 in gunmetal for his ’08 STi.  Fitting 265’s on these – should look fierce.  Barry – shoot me some installed pics please so we can show off all the new toys!

And in the Beginning….

31 Jan

We don’t normally think of Hyundai as being a “hot” manufacturer, but I must say – they nailed it with the Genesis coupe.  It obviously took many years of selling POS Excel’s and Scoupe’s to be able to manufacture something this attractive!  It’s a better proportioned version of the G35/37 in my opinion.  A good customer of ours just forwarded us some pics of some modded Genesis coupes.  If pricing is on point, this should be a good selling car for them.