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Don’t Let ’em Catch You Sleeping…..

12 Feb

If you saw this driving down the highway, you probably wouldn’t give it another glance. Pretty standard SR5 Corolla. But the devil is in the details. Alex has removed the standard engine in favor of a modded SR20DET. The rear is out of an OG Celica-Supra, and will soon be wearing our comprehensive wheel bearing kit

Sleeper status!

Stay tuned as this beast gets ready for Spring


Come Drift Away

30 Sep

…there aren’t nearly enough Initial D DVD’s out there

Wheel Bearing Kit for AE86 Corolla

19 Jan

Our wheel bearing kit for the AE86 Corolla gives you everything needed to complete the job on these awesome cars. With the low offset wheels so common nowadays, combined with people’s frequency at track and drift day events, it’s no surprise that wheel bearings will wear out. Plus, let’s face it, your Hachi isn’t getting any younger! These kits feature top shelf components from OEM suppliers like Koyo, Schaeffler and Nok.

We offer this as a front kit only, rear kit only, or a front/rear replacement kit.

Front kit includes: both inner AND outer bearings (we see lots of guys only offer the inner…weird, and not the right way to do the job), and wheel seal plus Lubro Moly bearing grease. Priced @ $69 shipped in ALL 50 states

Rear kit includes bearing assembly and retainer and seal. Priced @ $119 shipped in ALL 50 states

Front and Rear Kit – priced @ $169 shipped in ALL 50 states

To order, email z1sales@z1auto.com or call 631-863-3820

Thank you!

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

16 Jan

With all the talk of the ‘new’ 86, I figured why not post a really nice example of an older one. I dont know much about it, but its a gorgeous example, and the owner seems to have a bit of a show fetish

Complete Timing Belt Kit for your 4AGE!!!

22 Nov

Another complete timing belt kit, this time for the venerable Toyota 4AGE. Once again we use only OE suppliers for Toyota (and every other Japanese manufacturer). This kit is for the 16 valve engines.

The kit includes:

Timing Belt
New Water Pump
New Water Pump Gasket
New Thermostat
New Thermostat Gasket
New Drive Belts for Alternator
Valvecover Gaskets with grommet/washer set

Priced @ $209 shipped in all 50 states

All components carry a 12 month, no hassle warranty as well (excludes shipping costs)

If there are additional components you would like to add to the above (new accessory idlers and accessory belts, for example), just let us know!

To order, just email z1sales@z1auto.com, or give us a call at (631)863-3820. Price includes shipping to all 50 states. For shipping to anywhere else in the world, please contact us with your full, complete address

Cusco RS LSD for your AE86

13 Nov

Adding a proper rear differential to your AE86 is one of the single most rewarding mods you will ever do!

These awesome units are adjustable from 1.5 to 2 way, and also feature adjustable lockup % as well.

In stock and ready to go! Contact us to order yours!

Oh AE86 How I Love Thee

20 Feb

I got these pics a while ago from a good customer of ours in the Midwest, but haven’t showed them off till now. We’ve since sent him a bunch more goodies for this never ending project, but for now, this is how she sits. I’m predicting this is going to turn alot of heads once she’s completed.

Running with the Big Boys

13 Oct

Got a message from a customer of ours down in North Carolina today telling me what an awesome experience he had at a track day this past weekend at V.I.R. .  Beau was in need of some inexpensive shocks since his were toast, and I sent him the old ones from my Z, since they were just sitting here collecting dust anyway.  Not only did he have an awesome time, he did incredibly well, considering his car is nearly stock!  Check it out:

“Thanks for the shocks!

Cliffs Notes: My fastest lap time was a 2:27!!!! Full factory suspension, only power mod is a catback exhaust for a whopping 2-5hp or so. Factory NON BREMBO BRAKES!!!! I used Hawk HP+ pads. And my 275/35/18 Kumho Ecsta XS tires. Absolutely nothing else modified on the car. See below for the average track times.

http://www.trackpedia.com/wiki/index…al_Lap_T imes

I was faster than every Lotus in my run group (the only two were in my run group, 1 was an Exige S and the other was a last generation Exige something or other), most Corvettes, most Porsche’s, every WRX/STi/Evo, every FWD car, all but 1 Mustang (on slicks with a big brake kit).

Cars that were faster than me: Z06, Corvette, Turbo Toyota Corolla AE86, heavily modified 12:1 compression 80’s(I think) Celica, my friends Mustang with slicks and race pads on 13 inch brakes, modified (huge turbo) Porsche 944. I think that’s it.

The bad: I wore out my rear brake pads down to the backing plate. I didn’t realize my increased pace would wear out my pads faster than ever! So I didn’t check. I’m hearing a popping noise from the front occassionally so I think a ball joint may be on it’s last legs. I overheated my front pads once. That is WAY better than after every 4-5 laps like before. So my brand new rotors are either disipating heat better or I’m easier on my brakes by braking later than I used to.

The good: 2:27 baby!!!! I’m braking later than ever, trail braking more, my heal/toe is excellent now, and I’m only 10-15 seconds off of race car pace with a near factory 350Z!!!! Even though some of the cars were faster than me I DID catch up to many of them in the corners! But, they pulled away on the straights.

I’m pretty sure I’m nearly to the point that I need suspension upgrades to go faster. Absolutely need brake upgrades. More power would be nice, but my biggest gains will probably be in brakes and suspension.”

Beau was good enough to take some pics from the event!

And since I’m on a Lotus kick lately, the silver Exige really caught my eye – looks very heavily modded, with a K series swap (ps, Beau was still faster!).  Very, very cool looking car!