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New Limited Edition Ruby Series Seats from ASM Recaro

11 Dec

ASM is one of those shops in Japan that I don’t think a ton of people outside the S2000 world know about. Among other things, they are the largest Recaro dealer in Japan, and have a dedicated boutique to all things Recaro. Any seat, any color combo, any material…it is in stock, ready for you to try out and purchase. Pretty amazing place, that looks like a high end boutique, and not so much like a place that you bring your car to. And that’s what is so cool about it.

Well, ASM has such a strong alliance with Recaro, that they even have their own versions of select seats made. These usually include a certain black/grey color scheme with red stitching, rarer materials, and they are made in limited numbers. My own Z33 has a set of ASM SRIII Limited II seats in it for the past 3 years that I adore.

Every once in a while, ASM one ups their own game and does an even more limited version of certain seats. They’ve done just that with these new Ruby Edition SR7 and RS-G seats. They feature genuine Alcantera material, special high grip bolsters for your shoulders and mid section to keep you firmly planted, ASM stitched logo, and more. These are extremely rare, and normally only offered for purchase if you go to their showroom in Japan.

However, we will be getting a very limited number of each for our customers. Contact us for price and details!



11 Aug

We just got some pictures back from a good customer of ours after the recent installation of the Zeal coilovers we sent out to him for his Z33. Evidently he could help but to include one of his good buddies in the photoshoot and I can’t say that I mind.

My Fairlady (err, ladies)

23 Jun

One of our long term customers up in Canada sent over these pics last night. Him and a buddy took some sweet shots of their Z33’s. Does it get any better than 2 friends, enjoying their cars, in the nice weather? It’s what the hobby is all about! Cars are looking sweet guys, thanks for the pics.

Well Rounded Z33…

25 Jul

Not bad.

ASM front Bumper, Amuse Rear Wing, Front and Rear Gold Endless Big Brake Kit, Ohlins DFV, Fujitsubo Titanium Exhaust… not bad at all.

Night Falls on Virginia

27 Apr

Ross, a good customer of ours from Virigina, called us a few weeks ago and began gathering some ASM parts for his spring makeover. Just got the final result pictures today, and they turned out great! The ASM hood is easily my favorite right now – clean and aggressive all at the same time. ASM front bumper + canards, combined with NISMO US spec sideskirts and Chargespeed rear bumper round out the bodykit. First time I think I’ve seen the ASM parts in black – looks really clean. New SSR Type F wheels in black finish out the sinister look. The car already had the Stoptech brakes front/rear and rides on Bilstein coilovers. Props go out to his bodyshop D&V Autobody for a job well done!


22 Feb

Menacing and S2000 don’t usually go together, but in the case of ASM Japan, it’s very fitting

ASM S2000

15 Jan

The legend showing off at the track….


9 Jan

My favorite Z33 hood on my favorite Z33 color this is Z33 bliss for me…



4 Jan

A very clean looking R32 GTR getting a new driver seat – the ASM Recaro RS-G Limited seat – sweet!


30 Oct

This is an example of a well balanced 350z. 360hp via an HKS Supercharger and an HKS IS EMS, Ohlins DFV Coilovers, Endless BBK and a full Bewith and Carrozzeria sound system. Lovely!

The coolest kids in school…

29 Oct

This photo is just INSANE!

(The picture quality however is horrific)

Amuse Superleggera and ASM Z33

Amuse Superleggera and ASM Z33