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Bass Mouthed Mofo

16 Nov



Making the Case for Used Exotics

23 Oct


Logical thinking wins again

Birds Eye View

24 Jun



Pics by P. Geudon

Aston Martin Film at the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race

14 Jun


Big Whoops

26 May



Around the Way

19 May


Legends of the Euro Motorway

23 Sep

Some pics of the cars on display. Some rare machines inside!

The event was pretty much organized by marque. It’s a huge propery so enty of room to walk around and get a food look at the cars. Great place for an event.

Pair of 500E’s. A true sleeper.






Big 6.3 liter V8 in an otherwise stately looking sedan.


Colorful cars and characters!


Executive suite


Onto the Porsche’s

This first one is a very rare car. 911 ClubSport in a gorgeous dark blue. Only 5k original miles.



Right next to it was one of the few RS America’s on display. Another rare version of the venerable 911. A factory lightweight intended to go racing.



80’s Baby


A real rare treat: genuine 2.7RS




Couple spots away was this stripped out 911 that was labelled as a prototype. Will have to do some digging on what it is as I’m not quite sure


A few spots away was this 911 Sport Classic. With more than a few styling nods to the 2.7RS


911 Speedster


The lone 928 at the event. This one is an ’87 S4. Still a head turner



968 was the only one of its kind there as well. This came in between the 944 and the Boxster in Porshe’s entry level lineup. Short lived run but a great looking car


911 GT2 – future classic


Original Turbo


Early 911 Turbo


Beautiful 911S



Only a handful of Astons and the one McClaren from a dealership.


Next up were the BMW’s

Seems the E30 is a very popular platform even today. And values keep going north. Many have 6 cylinder swaps from later M’s, some retained the original 4 banger.





Wish I could have gotten a good shot of the car this seat belongs to. It was stunning with bright red paint, S54 swap, and the ubiquitous LM’s




The first M5. Boxy but sexy



Later M5…another iconic vehicle


This very purple-ey 320i (or was it a 2002?) had an M swap



A few cars were away from the rest of their group for some reason.





I wish the import guys could organize something similar out here instead of the obnoxious club music, import ehem-“model”, gaudy = trophy affairs that usually are out on this coast.

24 Hours Through the Eyes of an Aston

29 May

Thunder in the Woods – And a Contest

19 May

In a few short hours the woods will be alive with the sounds and smells of motorsport.


This years participants includes many of the usual suspects. The Aston crew, the Manthey Porsche group. But new to the field include an LFA and FT86 from Toyota.

For follow-anywhere coverage, your best bet is radiolemans.com. Great live coverage and knowledgeable commentators.

Nissan is live streaming as well. Follow them at http://www.ustream.jp/channel/nissan-motorsports

The official live stream can be found here: http://www.24h-rennen.de/Live.94.0.html?&L=1

Subaru has a live stream too for the inaugural event for their BRZ: http://www.subaru-msm.com/ustream/index.html (embedded below

Predict the winner correctly, get a $20 coupon for your next order!

On the East End Part II – The Spirit of Bridgehampton Lives

21 Aug

Many readers of the blog know we love everything cars, no matter the location. What many don’t know is that for many decades, our own backyard in Long Island was a renowned hub of motorsport action The Bridgehampton Racetrack was regarded by many as one of the finest tracks jn the world. If you’ve been lucky enough to drive it, or have seen video footage, you know it was the stuff of legend. Sadly the track closed in the early 90’s due to pressure from surrounding neighbors. Like so many pristine pieces of properties in New York, it’s now a golf course.

However, the passion of those who attended the races, participated in the many events held every weekend, is alive and well. For many years, the gearheads out east would meet at Marty’s Old Stone Market, a local eatery. For a few hours each Sunday, racers, business moguls, mechanics and aspiring enthusiasts alike would meet, swap stories, show their prized possessions, and hang out over an egg sandwich and some coffee. The original Cars and Coffee! There isn’t a track to meet at anymore, and Marty’s owners didn’t like people hanging out in the parking lot all morning, but the old guard now has its own place to call home. Some area enthusiasts, along with Ferrari of Long Island now run a clubhouse of sorts for grown ups and their toys. The Old Stone Boys Club is a haven for those who’s heart pumps 116 octane.

Sunday mornings the boys now have somewhere to go that’s all their own. No talking about what drapes to buy, or what so and so wore to last nights party. Just car guys talking cars with other car guys. Now, I’m in a whole different tax bracket than the guys here but it’s no matter. Cars guys are car guys. More than a few asked about my Z with the same enthusiasm as I asked about there Porsche and Ferrari. One of the guys was mentioning he even recently bought one of BAR’s ex-F1 cars and is currently undergoing a full rebuild. There were cars of all types, owners of all types. It was a reminder of what binds us all together. For some it’s their job, for others it’s a hobby, but for all of us, it’s a love of cars and motorsports.

It’s pretty cool when the lot has an R8, a 930, a Panoz, a 430 convertible, an older Mercedes cabriolet, a Vantage, my 350Z (guess who felt out of place!), and more.






Green With Envy

28 Jun

(This pic is BIG!)

I know it’s not the latest and greatest from Aston, but you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful race car than the DBR9. Stunning


15 Mar


My first choice in color if I could afford this beast.

Start Your Engines!

3 Jan

src=”https://cornerbalance.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/dubai24hourheader.gif” alt=”” title=”dubai24hourheader” width=”600″ height=”150″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-5226″ />

The winter nap seemed a bit brief this year, but for us motorsport junkies, that’s just fine! 2010 is here, and already we can look forward to new events! The first one I am interested in starts in a couple of weeks – the 24Hours of Dubai. Teams from all over Europe, Asia and the Mid East converge on the small country to duke it out.

The 997 GT3 Cup seems to be the car of choice this year, but the field is pretty diverse. Everything from a Holden Commodore, to Ginetta G50, FR500 Mustang, Civic Type R, Evo X, Lotus Exige, Z4’s, Renault Clio’s and more! Pretty neat. Unfortunately not a single Nissan is running 😦 Team Rush from Japan is even competing with an old school 964 Porsche Turbo.

While the event is not televised in the US, you can stay up to date on the events website 24 Hours of Dubai Website – Click Here

There is also a dedicated You Tube Channel to the event. Not sure what sort of content they will have, but you can check it out 24H Dubai Youtube Channel – Click Here

Aspeed Aston Martin GT2

1 Jan

JDM team meets UK race car – pretty neat result!

Z34 in the presence of good company…

25 May